Not "liking" legendary bands or artists

I’m unsure that Dire Straits changed my life, but an in-store demo of Love over Gold triggered the purchase of a super uniti based system and my decision to get back into hifi. That led to a series of upgrades and much, much more money spent. No complaints or regrets though, way too much fun!


Is that the album with dreary music but lots of sound effects? I loved the first two DS albums, but they went downhill rapidly after that.

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Yep, I think Making Movies is good but the commercial success that was Brothers in Arms I don’t really rate.

In no particular order -
Bruce Springsteen
Led Zeppelin
Van Morrison
Rory Gallagher
The Doors
Jeff Beck (apart from 2 albums with Rod Stewart)

Blasphemy!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



As much as I love The Smiths, I have to be careful when I cue up their albums.
I must have played them so many times that I am familiar with them down to a quantum/molecular level.
Playing them always ends up with my ear worms kept busy for a good few days.
Having Morrissey and co looning about wailing in your head would be some folks idea of hell. :innocent:

This thread has lists of hates/dislikes, and some loves/likes. However there is also an in between - at least there is for me. The Smiths are an example - I neither like nor dislike them. Some Smiths’ songs I’ve heard have been pleasant enough, though not what I’d spend precious money or time on - but I wouldn’t turn off the radio or leave the room, as I would for some things.

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II like the Smiths greatly but wouldn’t put them in my top 5. Certainly their albums get a lot of play in my house. Along with Simple Minds from the same era.

I was never fond of either growing up. There are things you hate and then suddenly like. Things you like and suddenly hate. And a very small number of constants you liked from an early age and are still goto mainstays of listening habits throughout life. For me, that latter group is very small. Doors, Bowie, Prince, Kate Bush have been with me since childhood. A couple others too but not yet old enough to be “legends” but getting there.

Queen, Beatles, those I’ve mentioned earlier I’ve disliked from just as early an age.

I’m with HH on this and though Mr Morrisey has evolved into a nobhead The Smiths where along with The Jam a proper band whose music and lyrics have stood the test of time.


Now ya talkin’!

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Obviously rattled your cage with a dislike. Gives me a chance to add Donovan to it, I’m guessing you will be upset with that also.

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If its Jason… then unlikely.

Still can’t believe him and Kylie didn’t make a couple :wink: I blame Mrs. Mangle.


Rolling Stones - more specifically Mick Jagger - totally talentless - like a spoiled brat strutting around - grotesque attention-seeking revolting…


You may not like his demeanour but talentless? I think not…

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Utterly talentless - the most overestimated man in the world.


This could apply to many… (insert nominations below )

Quite right, anybody can co write 8 number 1 singles and 12 number 1 albums, utterly talentless.