Notre Dame on fire

Heard they were doing restoration work last week and had removed some statues - what an absolutely terrible thing to happen to this architectural wonder.


Being musician and especially organist, I am deeply shocked. For me this is touching me significantly more than 9/11. It is such an icon of western history - not in the last place for its magnificent organ.

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This looks very very bad.

Let’s hope there are few if any fatalities here, even if they get it under control I’d imagine smoke and water damage will be significant.

You’d hate to lose any iconic building, but I suspect the Eiffel Tower for example could be re-created in a manner this never could in the modern age.

Yes devastating, but it might be a blessing in disguise. It was in pretty poor state & had deteriorated badly over many years. The ongoing repairs were just that, repairs, not the huge overall restoration that was required.

I cannot imagine a building which has more important historical value. We have just lost the building which was example for many centuries of architecture.

This place was where leoninus, perotinus and Guillaume de Machaut wrote the best music from the middle ages.

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I’ve not been to Paris for far too long, and despite viewing from the outside I suspect I’ll rue never seeing the cathedral’s interior first hand.

This terrible event beggars belief, it just shouldn’t of happened.

I wonder if the renovation firm involved will ever get another contract…?

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They’re busy contructing a guillotine at the Place de la Concorde at this very moment.

Don’t foget it’s only building, hopefully nobody was killed or seriously injured.

As usual the news outlets have gone over the top with the continuous repeated footage. It’s on fire, and it’s seriously damaged, let’s move onto some other news.

It’s far more than a normal building though.

I’m not a Catholic but it is one of several ‘places’ synonymous with Paris’ identity and history.


This is an absolute tragedy. 850 years of beautifully framed structure destroyed. A building which took 200 years to complete, destroyed in 3 hours.
Yes, of course everyone knows it was crumbling and stonework repairs would have taken decades of continuous restoration to complete, but this was NOT a blessing in disguise. Hundreds of tonnes of irreplaceable historic timber work, artifacts and decorations have been lost.

One has to ask, where was the disaster plan?
We should all weep for France tonight.


It’s not “a blessing in disguise” - a rather insensitive comment, I would have thought. It’s hundreds of years of human endeavour going up in smoke.

It was a place of music. The organist Olivier Latry is probably the best organist on this planet. I am sure he is alive, but him playing that organ was quite special.

I am genuinely sorry it was not meant to be insensitive. The last time I was there I was shocked by the state of the building, I was thinking this fire would spur the government or whoever into a top to bottom restoration. Unfortunately, its now looking that might be doubtful.

It’s ok, I do understand. Unfortunately you were right about the state of the building - and that may have contributed to the blaze spreading so quickly. There will be lots of questions tomorrow, I’m sure.

For our UK friends, ‘Carillion de Westminster’ by Louis Vierne - played by Olivier Latry in the Notre Dame:

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I believe only the wooden spire and roof has gone, hopefully they will contain the fire before anything too devastating.

i am following this disaster in direct here in Paris. It’s very sad, it’s perhaps the most important building and symbol in France.
The arrow collapsed and probably the left tower is touched. Still burning since 18h50. The fire men have only a 30 meters access, and the pic is at 80 meters.
I just been informed that the main structure is saved! it’s a great news , news from the Paris firemen directory.

Though the spire was above the altar/transept and collapsed and one has to assume this as well as a burning roof collapsing would have consumed artwork/combustibles within even if the stone structure is intact.