Nova + 250DR Speaker change?

Evening all first post and spent many a productive hour learning from all the great knowledge Thanks all.

I have a nova and have added a 250 dr I like the 1 box or minimum remote approach along with the arc out y speakers are Kanta 2’s and I have been and are still impressed with them although I am considering Sonus Faber nova 3’s I have listened to them and was impressed I am asking if anyone has had or has a similar set up and what they have found over more than a short demo ?

thanks in. advance

What is it that the kantas are not giving you? Is there any way you can demo the other speakers and compare them ?

I have and are still very happy withthe Kanta 2’s I like the idea of not having to remove the covers and see this as a big + I prefer the design of the Sonas Fabers and im
hoping / thinking that as they are almost twice the price I will be delighted by the improvment in SQ I find that although ive tried them out at hope it was for only a few days and seek opinion from you guys that have either better knowledge and maybe have lived with them
for longer !

I know you asked for more than a short demo, but at least I recently had rather long demos of a range of speakers. Kanta 3, demoed with the same system as I have, and really wanted to like them, but unfortunately found them pretty poor. Didn’t like the Sopra 3 either. I also didn’t much like most other speakers in the 10-15K price range that I auditioned during the course of a week: Audio Physic Codex, PMC fact.8, Paradigm Persona 3F, Dali Epicon 6. None made me want to pull out my wallet.

There were two standout speakers I listened to during that run: Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III with a 282/HC/250 and Sehring Audio S913 with my system. My favorite is the latter at this point, which is an extremely precise and linear speaker, but I could totally understand if someone preferred the very pleasant sound of the Sonus Faber. Beautifully warm and engaging, not boring as older Sonus Fabers are often said to be. Very musical, for lack of a better term. Goes well with Naim and I am tempted to say that they outclass the Kanta 3 and you would be delighted with them.

However, you like the Kanta, so maybe your taste it totally different from mine.

I am not convinced that a Nova even with a 250 plus 15K speakers is the best allocation of funds, but if you want 2 boxes I am not going to try and talk you out of it :slight_smile:

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I read you like minimum boxes but feed the Kanta 2’s with a better source and they will respond. Change the Nova for NDX2/282/HiCap and enjoy. Is it possible to hear this?

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Ah yes the Kanta 3’s I was put off by the size and decided against a demo as I thought it would be like sharing my lounge with a couple of telephone boxes. from what your saying I am right to considering the SF 3’s over the Kanta 3"s . thank you for your opinion it leaves me feeling I could be on to a good thing.

I did have an extended demo of the Ndx2/282/dr250/mscp with my existing Kanta 2’s and pre the demo was convinced that was the upgrade I was going for to the point I had located the funds.
I was however disappointed at the usability mostly the loss of the HDMI arc out and the fact it involved juggling remotes.
yes the SQ was a big improvement but the kit went back. only for me to replace the Nova I had already sold .
I did retain the Dr250 and this is hooked up to my new Nova has improved the Kanta 2’s yet got me thinking about the SF’3’s
oh boy what a can of worms ive opened.
I should say have now added some Franc Audio fat feet and although rather costly Im very impressed.
obviously I have to now get/try 1 or 2 powerline plugs.

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I use both a Nova and a NDX2 based systems with TV. These work find with optical connections from the TVs. The NDX2 can use system automation with the Naim integrated and preamps for single control using the NDX2 remote or the Naim app. So, I think you can sort out the usability side of things.

As you have the 250, building a separates system around that gives you lots of great options. The Nova would be a great second system, or it can be traded in.

Good luck!

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Well I currently have a 282/250DR and use a Muso as a soundbar. It always seemed pretty ridiculous to have all of this side by side, but there are some options. Adding an AV receiver for HDMI control and using AV bypass or adding a NDX-2 (in my case) to take an optical input. Where I ended up has blindsided me, but I currently have a Akurate DSM and 2200 waiting at my dealers to be collected and installed. I had dealer demos and home demos and the ADSM gave such an uplift it was a no brainer. All of the HDMIs go to the ADSM and a single HDMI to the TV, so it acts like a 2 channel receiver. The sound is amazing and the uplift in picture quality was significant. It has a streamer in it and digital and analogue inputs for whatever else you have as well as. Now the sound is very different to Naim, so it might not be your cup of tea, but I found it very musical but a bit more relaxed. Masses of detail and space too. Sadly this means all of my Naim gear is going as I don’t have the space for 2 systems. I will miss it, but on balance I am much happier with the ADSM in a coherent system, and strangely I’m looking at some SF Olympica Nova 2 or 3 to match.

You say you’ve spent a lot of time reading the Forum and learning from the great knowledge contained therein. But what exactly have you learned?

Let’s say the Nova costs £1,500 and contains three parts - the streamer and Dac, the preamp and the power amp. Let’s say each costs £1,500 for convenience.

From your learning, what have you learned about whether pairing a £1,500 source with £12,000 speakers is a good idea?

Have you learned anything from reading the various posts by people dissatisfied with their large expensive speakers and inadequate electronics?

Did you learn of system automation, which allows total system control from your phone or a single remote?

Did you learn that it’s sensible to get the basic system components right before splashing out on expensive feet and fancy mains leads?

Have you learned about the effectiveness of a good stand and a decent mains supply?

The Sonus Fabers look fantastic, are beautifully made and I’m sure sound lovely. By all means get them if it makes you happy, but bear in mind that a well matched system to go with them is an NDX2 with 555PS, a 252 with Supercap, and a NAP 300. That’s about £30,000 of electronics. Fronting speakers like this with a Nova and 250 is frankly daft.

I’d look again at the route suggested by others - an NDX2, 282, Hicap DR and your 250 with the Kantas. Or, if you like the Sonus Faber looks and sound, swap the Kanta for some Olympica Nova 1 stand mounts. That would make a lovely system.

As @Mike_S correctly says above, you can feed the TV into the NDX2 using optical, and you can connect the NDX2 and 282 through system automation and control it with the NDX2 remote.

The NDX2, 282, 250, Nova 1 is an infinitely better balanced setup than the Nova, 250, Nova 3 system and I’d suggest it’s worth doing a comparison of the two approaches.


Hi Paul,
Just thought I would add my comments, not sure they will help, but here goes! I have SF Olympica IIs powered by a 250DR. I love the sound (smooth and laid back) and the SF design just looks beautiful (SWMBO thinks they are the best looking speakers ever :grinning:). The front end of the system however is very different to what you are proposing: NDX2 / XPSDR / 282 / SupercapDR. As others have suggested, I think you need to be looking at a higher level of “boxes” for the SF Olympica range.
Good luck on your HiFi journey!

As some replied already, I think also that buying 15 k speakers for your system is not a good idea. Even if the 250 dr is enough, such speakers deserve a much better source and preamp.
I would more suggest the Sonus Faber Stilettos VIII,6k euros, and only if you really prefer their sound vs the Kanta 2.
Then, with the 9k you have still, you can buy a second hand Ndx2 and 282. Maybe even new if you sell the Nova and Kanta.
Or stay with Nova/ 250 dr and Stilettos.

Another idea: sell the Nova and buy the DCS BARTOK, which is a streamer/ dac/ preamp in one box. With the 250 dr, it would give a terrific combo, miles better vs Nova/ 250 dr.

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Well it would seem the general consensus is adding sf 3’s to the nova and dr250 just isn’t going to float and would be madness!
my hifi dealer has now offered me a home demo so it would appear I am likely to agree with what’s been said in the reply’s
I will hopefully have them for a few days and maybe end up with the s/f 2’s or retain my Kanta 2’s although I hope your all wrong and the sf 3’s float my boat. Im off to check out the DCS Bartok . Thank you all for your help .

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Jus bear in mind that there are other schools of thought beyond this forum that attach more significance to the speakers than to the electronics
You may like the sound of your chosen system even if other people tell you they would send their money in a different way
Not everyone wants or needs to hear deeper into the music or inkier black silences
Some people just want to hear their music playing beautifully on their chosen equipment
Your music , your money, your choice
Don’t be bullied


Good point thank you .
And although what’s been said suggests its a no no I will be surprised if I am not delighted by the home demo.
when I listened in the shop I felt they worked well with my
setup albeit for my listening. all will be revealed to me shortly.

It’s not about bullying. It’s simply people sharing their experience and suggesting that a different approach might give more satisfying results. I’m in little doubt that the OP will buy the expensive speakers because they will sound lovely, but it would be a trifle foolish to do so without trying alternative options, which may sound even lovelier. Big speakers are for sure impressive - your mates look at them and say ‘wow, they are big, I bet they were expensive’. But it’s so much better if they say, ‘I’m really enjoying this music, what is it?’ I think so, anyway.

I hope too. I also have a Nova and SF (Sonetto II), and if I had to upgrade something in my system, I would consider the Olympica Nova II/III in my ideal shortlist but I’ve never heard the pairing. I am eager to get your feedback.

I think there’s 2 points here and it’s nothing to do with the relative cost of the components other than seeing such a comparison as a rough guide.

First no doubt the 250DR will drive the Sonus Nova 3s and as such the configuration would work well. In that context the issue is whether the Uniti is a good enough source. To my ears it would work well enough, perhaps a little thin, but could also be a stepping stone to say a NDX2/282 or day I say a 272 successor :flushed:

But more importantly is whether the Sonus 3 would work in the OP’s listening environment and on this I obviously have no idea.

So as ever home demo absolutely essential. As has been suggested it might be that the Nova 1 would be a more suitable solution either with the Uniti/250 or with a NDX2/282 etc.

Good luck and regards,


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I Think the 272 replacement is what I would consider the super Nova and I would be first in Q if only Naim would make one available Mmmm.
There’s been a lot of mentioned regarding trying the 1’s and as ive never done so I probably should or will before buying .

Ive always found the Soipra/SF 1’s very pleasing to the eye but never given them a test drive I guess there are a lot of stand mount 1 style speakers to check Ive always thought the bigger the box the better the sound hence the Kanta 2 and maybe now sf 3 I was also taken by the s/f Guarneri Tradition stand mounts
soooo many to choose from thanks Lindsay

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Well, my home demo S/F 3’s arrived and got installed today, despite what some have said, for my ears they sound rather good, hooked up to my Nova Dr250 - simple setup.
Its early days as I’ve only listened for a few hours but if the kanta 2’s are £7k and the SF3’s are £12k then for my ears its well worth the additional cost, so thus far IMO they work very very well with the Nova 250dr in my space. Time will tell .