Nova hot to touch

Hello there!

I have uniti nova connected to MA silver 300s and it has been working well for over 6 years now after I fixed the boom effect, recently I realise that nova is hot to touch even in standby mode.
I had usb drive connected to it so removed it and still nova temp is high.
It cools down only when unplugged.
Is something wrong with the hardware, is 6 years too long for this device and does it need servicing?

There’s a lot inside the Nova in a small space, and the ICs can run very warm indeed. The case work is there to provide passive cooling so a warm to moderately hot casework is not unusual.

Thank Richard! I’m relieved to know this is usual , just bit confused why I didn’t see this issue before but knowing this doesn’t harm the electronics is good enough for me :grinning:.

Only difference in my setup was making it “server” and attach usb drive. I have removed the usb drive , and may be will turn off the server mode as well.

It will run hotter in server mode, so if you aren’t using it this way then switching that off should lower the overall temp.


Ok turned the server mode off, and nova now on standby mode.
Will share the findings later today!


I had the same issue, turning server mode off resolved things.

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My Nova is only very slightly warm, even after it’s been playing for hours. It doesn’t sound right if one is literally too hot to touch.

Are you running it in server mode HH?

From the title and opening post the OP says it’s hot to touch, not too hot to touch.

No, I’m not. Hopefully that’s it.

Great news! Turn off the server mode and it is back to cool surface temp.

Now the question is , how do I use my usb drive songs library, in my opinion the songs sound better compared to tidal streaming!

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You don’t need server mode turned on to access the contents of a USB drive via the server input, so turning it off won’t be a problem unless you use it to allow other streamers in your home to access the same USB drive.

Server mode stops the Nova from powering down when you put it in standby mode, which is why it will stay warm (or even hot!) when not in use.

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My Nova randomly runs hot, there is no rhyme or reason that I can see as to when it does and when it doesn’t. And I have tried to find an explanation. But I asked Naim about it during beta testing Nova firmware a couple of years ago and was told not to worry about it.

But I do always put it into standby when I go to bed. Sometimes it’s hot before I put it in standby and sometimes it’s not.

Mine goes into standby after 20 minutes. It’s odd that yours gets hot randomly.

Is it good to put on standby mode? USB drive songs will be scanned again on wake-up?

Ok will try that , thank you !

I imagine a rescan is only done when the Nova first boots up. The only way to know for sure is to try it. The Nova automatic standby works really well and is ideal if you want to avoid wasting power.

Thanks HH this helps!

Note that if you enable server mode, or if you leave a USB drive attached, the Nova will not power down when it goes into network standby mode, so the main PSU remains powered up. (Some people do this on purpose so that performance is not affected when you first start playing and the unit is cold.)
If you want to ensure that the Nova is cool and energy efficient, you either need to disable server mode and remove USB drives, or you need to use ‘Deep Sleep’ mode instead of ‘Network Standby’.


Added information: „Deep Sleep“ is achieved by long-press (couple of seconds) in the power button at the front of the unit. Also only button to power it on again (it won’t react to app or remote).
It’s effectively „soft off“, I.e. the unit shuts down except the button can still power it up again. This means complete boot sequence (like after loosing power), hence it takes a while for the unit to be back in operation.


What is recommended standby mode or deep sleep?