Nova main relais not clicking anymore

Concerning the Nova. Firmware is now at
Since the latest firmware update I notice that the main relais does not click anymore.
It used to be that when I switched the Nova on I would hear two clicks like some power relais were engaged. Same when switching off, after a short time again two clicks were heard.
Now these clicks are gone.
The Nova works fine.
Just wondering if this now means that the Nova amplifier sections keeps being powered up during standby?

Is there a place on the web where you can find the release notes of Naim firmware updates?

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Here’s the release info for fw 3.5.1

Sorry I cantle help re. the relay clicks. If you’re concerned then by all means do contact Naim tech support for their opinion.

Check the settings menu to see if Server mode is switched on, also from memory, if you have a usb drive connected it will stop the relay click

Switching on/off: do you do this from the app, the remote, or the power button (short or long press)?

The first 3 send the system to “sleep/standby” ( not:”fully off”), and sleep mode may or may not “click” (server mode, USB/flash card, some HDMI settings preventing the click). The click is indeed the indicator, if the inter power supply is switched to the one for “network connected standby / “light” sleep”. Anything drawing more power keeps the main transformer awake.
Long press enters “deep sleep”, which should always click.

Server mode is disabled in the settings.

I have indeed since recently inserted a USB key in the back with some music on it.
I will check if the clicks return if I remove this USB key.


It was talking about switching on/off via either remote, short press on Nova power button, from the app, and from the Roon Server.
In all cases the same behaviour, and no clicks were heard anymore.

And the mystery is solved by the helpful replies.
I removed the USB SD card which I had inserted into the Nova.
Without USB SD card the power state clicking is back!


That makes sense! When you put the Nova into standby mode, the main power supply is switched off, and a small SMPS takes over, using just enough power to remain discoverable over your network. That switch of power supplies is what causes the clicking sound.
When you attach a USB drive, or when you turn on server mode, the main power supply stays on, so you would not expect to hear the click.

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