Nova not indexing USB or SDCard

New Nova and Mu-So qb2 owner here and i got an old collection of flac files i want to serve from the Nova.

The problem is that the Nova don’t seem to index the files on the USB (also tried SD-card without success).
I can see the files and play them from the “USB” mode. But the songs won’t appear under “Servers->Local Music”.
So today i can’t add the songs to playlists, sort by metadata or serve them to my QB2 (or other clients).

I’ve tried formating USB drive both with NTFS, FAT32 and exFat with similar results.
Is there anything i’m missing? Format? Folder structures? Settings on the Nova?

Use fat32, and you might need to wait a while for indexing to complete.

I got fat32 on the USB now and only one album for testing, shouldn’t take that long, right? I had my USB in the front port over 4h now and no results.

But do you now if the index progress is shown anywhere in that case?

Indexing one album takes seconds or a minute or two at the most.

Have you turned on “Server mode”? You do this in the Naim app by going to Settings - Other settings - and then tap the switch next to Server mode in the list. The button will turn green and you back out of the settings. Now it should work as you want I believe.

You only need to enable server mode to serve files to other streamers on the network (so in this case from Nova to Muso). Access via Local Music on the streamer that has the USB drive mounted should work regardless.

I stand corrected!

I notice that Naim’s online guidance for the Nova doesn’t seem to mention server mode at all, which seems a bit of a drop-off.

I thought my new Nova wasn’t indexing my SSD when I first had it. I then tried a usb stick and then a micro sd with a small number of files each. It took a few minutes but these both worked ok. Finally I reconnected my SSD and left it going overnight. To my relief it was all done the following morning. How large is the USB drive you are trying to index?

He said one album and he left it 4 hours…

Don’t get me started!

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Just checked, this is correct - server mode off and albums on a USB stick appear under Servers > Local Music.

193 albums on the stick in FLAC or ALAC, mostly hi-res, can’t remember it taking long to index it.

Could there have been a firmware change which has slowed indexing down?

Down to 4 hours per album? I certainly hope not!

Probably isn’t that if a single album takes ages, but possible though if this process was given a very low background priority to reduce effects on audio playback from other sources.

I rarely have my Nova off or in standby and it’s many months since I added new music to a USB stick or drive, so don’t have a feel for how often the Nova indexes/re-indexes an attached drive.

The main possibilities surely are:

Something amiss with drive formatting, or hardware/compatibility issue with the drive, connecting USB cable or Nova’s USB interface.

Some oddity with the files’ metadata throwing the Naim software or a change within the Naim software.

Assume you’ve also tested the rear USB port?

Do you mean no results in the USB source in the app or no results in Servers>Local.

I have server mode off but can see music from USB in Servers>Local.

The server mode setting is one that’s been turned on and off over the years - might be worth enabling it temporarily and then seeing if music appears and remains accessible if you turn it off again.

I’m not very clear exactly what you are plugging into your usb socket. Is it a hard drive, a solid state drive or a usb stick? What size is the drive? How much data is on it? And are you using the front or rear port or both?

Yes i’ve tried the rear and no luck there either.

I can find all the music in the “USB source” but not in the “Servers>Local Music”
I’ve tried both with server mode on and off.

It’s a Kingston USB stick with 64GB capacity both only added one album so like 200-300MB.
Also tried a samsung micro sd-card with 32GB same amount of data and same results.

I’ve tried both front and back USB ports.

Hm, with the one album only on your Stick, you said all tracks are visible via USB, but not via local music. Which ones are missing from Local music, and is there anything specific about these? I.e. length, format, etc? Have you also tried resetting the cache (in the settings somewhere)

Nothing shows up in Local Music, no songs, no artist, no albums etc…
The format is FLAC and i haven’t noticed anything odd with the songs.
The album i’m trying with is “Big Brother & The Holding Company (Janis Joplin) -
Cheap Thrills”

Do the FLAC files have proper embedded tags, at least artist and album?