Nova + Powerline = WOW!

I know that there have been other threads that have mentioned this, but they are all locked, and I had to tell some folks who care about this sort of thing. I recently added a Powerline to my Nova and am very, very pleased. To say I was a skeptic is an understatement. I am now convinced. If there was one slight knock on the sound of my Nova + Kanta No. 2s, it was a bit of shrillness in the upper frequencies. If I turned things up enough to really feel the bass frequencies, the upper frequencies would grate a bit. I thought perhaps it was a room issue, and am still going to take a look with the REW software when I have time, but the Powerline seems to have largely corrected the issue. The lower frequencies have been brought up in the mix, so to speak. It is not that they are louder, but they have more grip and confidence. It is all of a sudden like there is a lot of gas left in the tank. At the same time, the higher frequencies seem smoother.

Perhaps there is a scientific explanation for what I am hearing, but I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what that would be. All I know is I am loving the upgrade. I am curious if others have heard similar things.


Yes, I found the same with my Nova, a lot for solidity, cohesion and grip. The EE8 switch was also worthwhile for opening up the detail more.


When I move house in a few years, Mike, I’ll squeeze in a little upgrading and the EE8 switch is on the list.

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Yes, different speakers, similar experience. The bass didn’t get bigger but firmer and bouncier. And just an overall tightening up and focussing of the sound. Very happy with the Powerline.

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Do you think if I add powerline to my Atom I will also hear a significant difference ? (speakers Dynaudio Special 40)


This is a topic that has been discussed a lot. As the original poster says, lots of threads on here about it. Try a search and have a read of the results. I haven’t heard for myself, but from what I recall lots of people find a powerline a worthwhile addition, particularly often in the case of the integrated products.

Expensive in context, so definitely read up on it, and demo if you can.

And if you’re lucky enough to need an E.U. Plug, there are plenty for sale used. Not so much in the U.S. I eventually got tired of waiting for a used U.S. version to come available on auction sites and sprang for a new one.

It’s a very big Nova upgrade in my experience - there aren’t many

A real shame there is no external PSU option or digital out.


I agree. It is for that reason my Nova will eventually be my second system. It sounds fantastic the way I have it set up, but it’s maxed out now, unless I add a couple of subs and room treatments.

At some point the upgrade-itis will strike!

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You are not the first, now I have some unbelievably bad news for you.

If you use Witch :woman_mage: Hat :tophat: Phantom speaker cable it will improve it further


Hi @maison00, did you compare with similarly priced power cables of other brands? Also, as we have the same system (different speaker cables) I thought I’d ask about the impact of the Gaias?

So, the NAC A5 came with the “bundle” that included the Nova and Kanta No. 2s, so I have not tried other cables. My dealer tried to push some Cardas cables, but if Naim uses the NAC A5 for its own testing and demonstrating . . . .

I guess I could try different cables, but I have a 7-meter run right now, so that would be expensive. I see that the Witch Hat Phantoms are not crazy expensive, so perhaps worth a try when I start my separates system.

The Gaias, kind of like the Powerline, just smoothed and integrated everything. More transparency to the sound, clearer imaging. Crazy difference on some jazz recordings, where you could almost pinpoint the instruments in space. I love them with Kantas.

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Thanks for that. Did you try out other power cables or go straight for Naim?

I went straight with Naim based on reviews here and elsewhere. I don’t really have a good local option for trying out a lot of things like that, and ultimately had to order it online from California. What have you tried so far?

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The reviews don’t lie , having auditioned this before , with other Naim gear (but couldn’t afford it at the time) I knew it would make a tangible difference .

I plugged it in, and made up my mind within thirty seconds a) it made a difference b) the asking price was justified

I wonder what their newer cable will do when it’s eventually out!

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I’m sure it will be an improvement - but I’ve just bought the Phantoms :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

Over the last three years I have totally revamped my system , so that all remains is the CD player (now serviced ) and my NAT 03 (which I think needs a visit to Salisbury ) . The tuner is a reserve for the poor broadband here .

The Phantoms have been here less than four months and I thought the last piece of the jigsaw

Well, they’re still excellent cables by all accounts.

As I currently have an active setup replacing speaker cable could prove quite expensive unless I do 1 pair at a time.

I really dislike A5’s lack of flexibility.

It would be fantastic if cable purveyors allowed you to trade-in older cables with a discount on more expensive items, allowing them to offer pre-loved cables at a bit of a discount - nice upgrade path for the consumer and a fairly safe bet for pre-loved buyers as not much can go wrong with cables! Add some new connectors perhaps and lose a couple of cm if people wanted to?

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I’ve had Naim speaker wire, in the end I gave it to a guy who ran a mobile disco .

Replaced it with Chord Epic , which was then too short for what I needed (also way too stiff) ended up with Chord Shawline which was very good, but the Witch Hat had so many satisfied customers that I sneaked it in, and it just felt right.