Nova speakers pairing

Hi, I already have my Nova with Kudos Super 20a, room 4m x 4m
Which floorstanding speakers would be a significiant upgrade to my Kudos?


The S20A is probably already too good for the Nova. They are superb speakers and are used by many in systems such as NDS, 555PS, 252, 300. If you want an even better setup than you have now, moving to separates is the answer. Get different speakers by all means, but the Nova will be the limiting factor.

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I’d agree that’s already a strong pairing.

Do you have a full Naim Powerline on your Nova? That’s a highly effective upgrade without needing a speaker change.


Your S20’s are no where near fully utilised yet. Any attention to upgrades should be made elsewhere.

I have S20’s and started mine with an NDX/282/HicapDR/250DR and have upgraded now to NDS/555DR/252/SuperCapDR/NAP300DR and each improvement has been very easy to hear.

Don’t underestimate their capabilities the Nova is already out of its depth in my view.

Some find the S20’s bright. I have found that they can sound bright as they are very revealing (unforgiving) but address shortcomings in a system and they can sound spectacular.

Nice thought, Clare. And don’t forget the dedicated mains - it will very likely do more than a powerline and should the OP get one, it provides a firm foundation on which to build.

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Added a Powerline for audition purposes yesterday, ordered today. A very clear and discernible difference


Excellent news. It’s such a simple upgrade.

I’d +1 on the mains supply and power cabling benefits. Both are, in relative terms, cost effective, and will benefit any system you use with them in the future.
I’d be inclined to keep those already very capable speakers and look to what else may help them realise their full potential, certainly not likely to be achievable with a Nova alone.
If space allows then a modest change might be a move to a Supernait + separate streamer, NDX 2 being the obvious choice or even the ND5 XS2 if budget dictates some constraints.
Beyond that it’s a rabbit hole of power supplies, racks and cable anxiety, but your speakers will love you for those changes should you be willing to go that route.

It’s given the 10-15% upgrade in performance that I was looking for .


If OP is thinking about ‘upgrading’ his speakers, it could mean that he simply doesn’t like their sound signature. So in that case it wouldn’t really help to upgrade the rest of the chain, because he would basically end up with a more refined variant of the sound he already has.

So one question to start with could be: what is OP is looking for? What does he feel he is missing in his current setup? Is it refinement in the mids or treble, is it bass extension, is it perhaps staging or timbre? We need more information in order to properly advise available options, which could mean either better electronics, different speakers, room treatment, etc etc.


Great news Ian, I thought that was a good, effective and simple option for you. I’m glad it worked out.

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Thank You for your suggestions, In fact Nova+Kudos S20 sounds very well in jazz music, but in rock music (like Sultans of Swing) there is not enough rythm and drive. I had Leema Tucana with Proac D2R and the bass was taut and dynamic in this track.

That’s good to know! I haven’t heard the Kudos Super 20a, but reviews seem to indicate that it’s strong suits are tonality, depth and elegance, and perhaps slightly less the punch and drive that rock music may suit most.

It’s possible that a speaker with a slightly different sound character could appeal to you more. Are you in a position to audition a few different brands and models to see where your tastes lie?

Well, Do You know what should work better in rock than S20? After my D2R I borrowed D20R but they were too boommy comparing to monitors D2r (Kudos works realy good close to the rear wall). What do you think about SCM40, Kanta 2 or BW 702 S2 or Dynaudio Contour 30, Audiovector QR5?

It would be ideal to try out a few different speakers if you have the chance, but in general speakers with a tight bass driver and a bit more pronounced upper midrange and lower treble work best with rock music.

This includes many horn design speakers (Klipsch, KEF), but B&W and Focal models with metallic (beryllium / titanium) treble drivers could also work well.

I personally like the Dynaudio Contour sound but it is a bit more on the relaxed side, perhaps similar to the sound you currently have. I have no experience with Audiovector speakers.

The SCM40 is a neutral allrounder that people seem to pair easily with all kinds of music, it is highly regarded and probably well worth a demo too.

The S20’s certainly do rock, especially with a NAP 300DR in command! Bass is really tight here.

The problem here is that the Nova isn’t good enough to realise the speakers potential.

Nova can’t drive easily ATC 40. A 250 dr is a minimum from my experience and also members here.
Horns work better, in general, low powered tubes.
With the Nova something like Proac tablette signature or Neat monitors should go well for rock and all types of music, in an average room as 16m2 ( OP room).

Yes that’s possible, a smaller ATC might work better with a Nova. Or the OP could consider active SCM19’s or 40’s and then replace the Nova with a slightly better source.

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As has been said there could be more advantage in looking at upgrading the electronics to say NDX2/SN. But if you want to stick with one box I can vouch for the Nova/Kudos 606 pairing, truly excellent.

In any event you need a demo of course, preferably at home.

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Then the fundamental question, as the OP found the S20 not the most involving for rock: do Kudos rocks?