Nova - start up and connection issues

Can someone help as I am getting extremely fed up with my Nova.

It seems that every time I start it up on the app, I press it and then the Nova symbol suddenly disappears. So I press the standby button on the Nova, it comes on but the screen is blank despite all the buttons being white. After a few minutes the volume start to pulse white, and the it turns off with the standby button flashing in sequences of threes.

I’ve tried a factory reset which has not worked (when I did this the screen came on and it worked perfectly until I turned it off again) but I was wondering if there was anything else I should be doing or is this a visit to a local dealer to have returned to Naim.

And it also seems to flash in sequences of four and five.

There have been a couple of similar issues ( Uniti Nova - Error code 425 ) (a search for Nova flashing will find the other), helpful advice was given on one by @NeilS . I’d not expect to see Neil around for a few days as it’s Christmas holiday, but paging him for when he is around.
Is it always the same number of flashes, as the other threads seemed to have 3 digit error codes flashed?

Take it back to your dealer. It shouldn’t do this at all.


I would echo what David says above - talk to your dealer.



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