Uniti Nova - Error code 425

Over the past few days, my Uniti Nova had interrupts while streaming, so I decided to reset it to Factory Default settings. That was not a good idea, apparently. Now, after reboot, it blinks with an error code 425.
I found only one post on such code and it was for a Uniti Atom. It states that after switching back to using the power chord for the system, the issue was resolved. I am using the original power chord (I always have). So I am clueless.
Anyone any ideas?

I would try a hard reset again…….remove power cord…….leave off for 30 minutes or so. Hold the top and bottom button in and at the same time insert power cord…….keep the buttons depressed until screen comes on. You may need a friend to help you if you run out of hands🤞🏽

Does this post help (or is it what you have already tried)?

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Thanks, Gazza, that more or less did the trick. I had to reboot a few times: after the hard reset, the system got stuck on the pairing the remote. After another (normal) reboot, I got stuck on the firmware update, and after another (normal) reboot, it came back to life.
Thanks, for the suggestion!

This helped me, hope it helps you too.
I no longer have that streamer however.

Thanks, PW42, that worked indeed. I had to take a few detours as explained in the reply to Gazza’s post.

Pesky things these computers……glad it worked👍

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