NOVA Thick and thick

I have star and Nova connected to the hardbeth P3, star sound is very good, normal, Nova continuous play, has experienced 6-7 months, but the treble does not go up, medium and low frequency, coarse, turbid, at first I thought I need to burn, but now for a long time, less and less confidence, Naim, how can I improve?

Is this a special version of mine, with special quality

Probably best to get your dealer involved, just in case there’s some issue with your Nova making it underperform. That’s what they’re there for, and what makes them such an important part of the process.


At the risk of sound brusque you were told what to do about this two months ago :roll_eyes:


Please re-read the advice already given, and involve your dealer to ascertain whether there is an issue.

IME the Nova should not sound very different from the Star. Slightly better, but same signature. Something is likely wrong with your unit.

Oh, can you suddenly get better and burst out? There’s no reason to replace it

I don’t get it. No, it will not get better suddenly if it has been as you described. Talk to your dealer

You can lead a horse to water…

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Star, I’m very satisfied with the hardbeth P3. Is Nova not suitable for hardbeth P3? The sound is very thick and stuffy. It’s really not good. Replace it with xs3 or 202 200 ndx2

How many times do you need to be told the same thing? Ask the dealer if you can try a different Nova. If the Star works the Nova will work, and should sound considerably better.

I feel the same - PITA -

Without sounding too pessimistic i think this thread will leave to a dead end :slight_smile:

I communicate with several users. The voice of star and Nova is not exactly the same. I’m still trying to verify it many times

It may not be exactly the same, but it’s not very different either. If you liked the Star you should not hate the Nova in the words you used to describe it.

In any case, you would be so much faster by comparing it to another Nova

You can lead a horse to water…

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I’ll try some of the accessories I have in hand and mix them randomly to try different feelings,

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Try using the naim stock cables before using these fancy looking ones. They look more expensive than your Nova :slight_smile:

Troll alert…


I use Nova with Harbeth P3ESR , very pleased with streaming, upper and middle band . Harbeths were designed to be revealing, if you were pleased with the Star then the Nova should sound better

As a lot of experienced consumers have said, it needs to go back to the dealer

PS Please use the Naim supplied cables
PPS I hope your dealer can sort it out