Uniti Nova has been burning for three months, but it still sounds terrible!

I bought a star for about two weeks, and the sound was very good. Then I upgraded nova. I’ve been burning this machine for three months now, and it’s very bad. It doesn’t have any effect. I’m very depressed. I begin to doubt my life. Has anyone ever encountered this problem? How long does it take to turn on the sound?

If all else is unchanged but the sound is poor compared to your Star then something’s not right. I would get your dealer involved. There may well be some issue with the unit that’s causing it to sound poor. Your dealer should be able to listen and check it against their own unit, at the very least.

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What speaker cables are you using? Asking because something like kimber or electrofluidics is not compatible.

The Nova should sound better than the Star straight out of the box. Sure it will improve further over weeks but it should never sound bad. I’m amazed you’ve put up with it so long. Your contract is with your dealer and they have a responsibility to ensure you are happy with your expensive purchase. Get on the phone to them and discuss what to do to resolve it.


Harbeth P3ESR

But the appearance of the device is not damaged, the operating system is very stable, and the sound is very subjective. I read the forum and said that for some nova, it takes nine months to turn on, so I can only wait. If there is no positive change in nine months, I will consider contacting the dealer again

No, all else being the same, you should hear clear improvements over the Star pretty much from the first few days. It may very well improve further over a month or two after that, however, it certainly shouldn’t be sounding terrible! Get on the phone with your dealer.

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What cables are you using?

Sorry to hear about this, my Nova switched on after one to two weeks, so I definitely think that the dealer should be involved here.

Not sure if Harbeth has ever been a good Naim match?

You’re not waiting for a child: if sound doesn’t seem right, I would pick the phone.

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Can you define how it sounds worse?

Personally I did not find much of an improvement with the Nova over the Star, but it certainly didn’t sound “different” in signature, just a bit better. Better or worse are of course highly subjective, but if it sounds very different there’s almost certainly something wrong I’d say.

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It absolutely doesn’t take nine months to sound ok. If it’s sufficiently bad that you feel the need to express your unhappiness on a Forum, it’s way past the time to take the situation in hand. Would you be happy with a car that only went at 20mph if you were told it would go faster after nine months? Or a case of wine that tasted crap but someone said it would be ok by the ninth bottle?

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It should sound great from go, so there is an issue with either the unit or the setup, so time to contact the dealer. You can also check a few basics, connections and rebooting after powering off for 10 minutes.

I found my Nova improved with time, but it always sounded very good from the start.


Harbeth and Naim have always been good together. I’ve used Harbeth’s with everything from a Nova to a Naim 500 System.

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Is there a wine in existence that doesn’t taste okay by the time you’ve had a ninth bottle?


I can only say that the sound of the two Naim in front of me is very normal. Will this one with serial number 43 be electrolytic capacitor? It takes too long and sleeps deeply. As for the connection, it is the original Naim power line. It must have been operated many times after restart. I can only cook it, continue to cook it, and give it enough time. After six months, I will consider other ways

What speaker cables are you using as some can be incompatible such as kimber?

Forget 6 months, if it not right after 6 minutes, its not right.
Please take the advise posted earlier & go talk to your dealer


Wouldn’t that be the same between the Star and the Nova?
(If it actually applies to the Unitis, and not just older amps)

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