Nova with MA silver 300

Hello there,

I have Nova/MA Silver 300 in my living room, positioning of speakers is bit restricted due to space constraint (30 cm from back wall), but the bass is boomy for certain songs e.g. santana or certain rock songs.

so my question was if i cannot keep the speakers far enough from the back wall then what options do i have?
Should i add a Sub to handle low frequencies or look to change speakers which dint have positioning constraint.

I listen to music at lower volumes between 30-35 range on Nova.

Please advice


Hello and welcome.
Could you elaborate further on your source and what cables and support you are using. Also where you have them positioned and type/dimensions of room.

Have you experimented and found a place where the sound is acceptable, but obviously not good from a visual point of ie 50 or 60 cm?

These are large speakers with two rear firing bass ports so it’s not surprising you have boom problems. Adding a sub won’t help as the speakers still receive the signal they receive now.

If you have exhausted all viable placement options I’d suggest getting shot of them and getting something else. You want speakers that are sealed boxes or if ported have the port on the front or underneath. It’s really important that you try them at home before committing to buy, to ensure you don’t make the same mistake twice.

The speaker are back-ported, right? If so, close the port to control the bass. Some speakers come with foam plugs. Or just use some socks to experiment… Maybe this works…


Hi @patla and welcome.
Unfortunately I think you have a mismatch with the Nova and your speakers. You either need a bigger amplifier MA suggest a minimum of 80W which is the top end of the Nova, to drive them which in turn will throw up more room problems. Or you need to match a different set of speakers to the Nova, you have some good advice above regarding sealed/front ported speakers. You could try port bungs to try and tame the bass but I’m not sure how successful that would be in this case.
Good luck.

Yeah – those speakers are big beasts…

It’s bit of a shame as these sounded well with Nova in the dealers shop , didn’t realise I would have bass issue in my home setup.

Yes back ported , tried bungs but that dampens the overall musicality.

I see, Any known combination suggestions especially for Nova.

Tried 50 cm but Iam still not very satisfied with the bass control, and that placement hampers movement.

Source is Spotify or Tidal most of the time, and NACA5 cable.

The dimensions are 6.5 m x 8.3 m living come dining room.image

I chose PMC25.26 with my Nova, pretty unfussy on positioning too. Though they are pricey at over ÂŁ7k, there are others in the series. The Russell K 120 or 150 are worth an audition.You need a home demo going forward if you cannot resolve your current dilemma.

Having the speakers tight against that unit won’t help, as there is almost nowhere for the bass to go, hence the boom. Regarding PMCs, I used twenty.23s when I had a SuperUniti and really liked them. They are more flexible to place than many, though the proximity to the unit may still be an issue.

If you check the search function for speakers for Nova you should find a number of threads and suggestions. I use PMC Twenty5 23’s and find them a good match, others are using Spendor, Kudos, Proac, Neat etc. A home demo if possible is a good solution but at least get to a dealer and listen to a few options played from a Nova

I may be able to increase the distance between the speakers by a foot, I can try that if it will help.

As they sounded good at the dealers, I would suggest moving the cabinet away completely, just as a trial, and see what difference that makes, and play with spacing from the wall. See if you find a combination that works and then plan around that if you can.

I want to know the recommendations for speakers which don’t have positioning requirements.

Ok will try that Mike_S!

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I would have to check but I think most I have listed have downward firing or front firing bass ports, just checked for you the only one would be Spendor with rear port, so PMC, Neat SX, Kudos X2 and Proac D20 all would work.
Unfortunately all speakers will have some positioning requirements and will be room dependent, just some are more forgiving than others and certain things like avoiding rear ports near to back walls helps.