Nova with Monoblocks?

But it’s not about you is it?

What, you mean I shouldn’t give my opinion? Isn’t that what you’re doing?

Give your opinion on the question posed by the opening post of thread, by all means. Agree or disagree, but always try to avoid becoming entrenched in a particular view, and always best to refrain from making personal judgments of others.


I didn’t think I was entrenched in my views any more than those who express the opposite views. Just giving my opinion, which I believe is relevant to the situation of the OP. If he is basically pleased with his set-up then it is quite wrong IMO to attempt to mislead him into thinking that he shouldn’t be pleased and that it can’t work!

I wasn’t making any personal judgements of others. How on earth could I? I don’t know these people. I was judging what they were saying, which IMO is wrong.


The only problem is that people have certain equipment and want better. They want more.
Realistically, they can’t just replace the device with something they were advised to do. It needs to be sold, appraised, and there is work to be done there.

When someone gives them a suggestion for something more expensive, they experience it as a personal attack. Because maybe at that moment they think they can upgrade “cheaply”. And that might be considered the wrong direction by someone.

I was recently advised by an acquaintance to sell everything I have (the whole system) and at that moment it broke me. No way I said, but I didnt fool around.

There’s probably very few people here who don’t want that!

There are some who have accepted what they have for various reasons and are content - myself included.

How so?

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Yes I’ve been thinking that for sometime now.

Price it in the £2000 to £3000 category and it’s a winning proposition.
I for one would buy it in a heartbeat…

250DR on the Nova made a big difference to me and is (was) a Naim recommended upgrade.

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I’ve heard that from a few others, so good to hear it being confirmed here.
People believe what they want to believe and that’s the end of that. I don’t think we will change some opinions here!

Good to hear what confirmed exactly? - You’ve just referenced two diametrically opposed opinions.

If you read through this chain, you will understand

I have a feeling I probably wouldn’t … but hope you have a good outcome.

I don’t think it’s as simple as splitting out the power amp into a different box, it somehow relieves the pre amp section of the Nova to strut its stuff more effectively. Not sure on the physics behind this but me ears were convinced :blush:

Some detail would be useful for those of us trying to follow this thread as @CrazyRiver mentioned.

No mention on Naim’s website imv, can you propose a link?
Experiences do vary, yet we are unable to know your full system, i/cs and P/Ls, Fraim and above all speakers!

Interestingly its been removed, it was under Specification, I seem to recall NAP 250DR together with Powerline. I have to comment also that I have maxed out all other factors influencing Naim performance (i.e. Fraim, unswitched sockets, power lines all round, at the time phantom/morgana ic, dedicated mains (10mm T&E each power supply inc. Memera Junc Box all to Roy Riches specification - if that still means anything to the reader), correct rack spacing, etc. Whether all that makes a difference?..Speakers = Shahinian Obelisk.

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I’d just like to emphasise that my post about the 250 not making much difference to a Nova is simply what I was told by the person who bought my 250DR. It’s not something I’ve tried myself and it’s clearly going to be speaker dependent. I think if I added a 250 to the Nova that I’d then swap the Nova for a 222, which is always going to be better balanced.

My Nova sounds great all by itself, even sitting on a coffee table! I do have a PowerLine and pukka dedicated mains, with 10mm2 cable and the obligatory Memera consumer unit and 50amp breakers. I’m sure all that helps get the best from it.

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…I think so.

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Interesting post, Shanks15. Please keep us updated on what you decide to do.

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