Now for the running in

Sounds good. Musicians seem to be making their way out of the speakers the longer I leave it running, too… :grinning:

Thanks to Pete and Bill for their time in setting it all up today, too.


Running in what?

most of it, tbh. Rossini is almost new (but being returned for streamer only), 500 is a year old. Speakers and preamp factory-fresh.

Congrats on the upgrade.

Speakers are Neats?


…that was my second guess :wink:

Dynaudio Confidence 50’s.

Epic in demo whenever I heard them. Damn good now, but a bit restrained at the moment as brand new, but opening up every moment they are played at the moment. ~100 hours needed for ~9+/10’s performance, so I’m told…

I’ve chosen them so obviously would say they are a good choice, but they work exceptionally well with Naim kit and were the standout speaker for me every time - and we auditioned quite a lot…

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And what’s your preamp? Excuse my ignorance!

& what streamer replacing?

Naim 552

this is the end result of what was just going to be a speaker upgrade on my 272/XPS DR/250 DR setup - a step or few beyond what I started out looking at, but (a) my wife got into hifi too - and has a much more articulate view on what different things sound like than I could ever muster - and (b) I maybe won’t have upgradeitus for a millennia…

streamer was a 272, is now a dCS Rossini and clock. With special glass shelf, it just about fits on the Fraim…

should have made my dedicated in-wall ethernet connection longer though :slight_smile:

Did you win the pools?

would have been easier if I had done :grinning:

Excellent service from dealer with great ‘package’ price, plus newish kit to be sold on, plus a couple of good used purchases means that should I have to flog it all, I’ll not be too much out of pocket. And I have saved myself all that cost of the intermediate steps too :slight_smile: And a major chunk of challenging work at end of last year for which this is my treat…


Well, I’m listening to Miles Davis ‘Tribute to Jack Johnson’ on my 272/555DR and SL2s and it sounds very good.

And I raise my glass to you and Ms.xcentric for getting such a lovely system.

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Nice, great system but i would say that
Seeing more and more Rossini’s on the end off 552 / 500, think its fast becoming the go to for digital, and i can certainly see and hear why, enjoy.


Congratulations. A great looking full on single stack with xcentric style.

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to be fair, if you’re referring to the black/silver Fraim combo, that’s a dealer error (which he’s happy to correct), but I might just keep it :grinning:

I’m not sure who Pete and Bill are, but they are not very good at dusting.

I presume Bill is Bill Livingstone of Dynaudio, did a good 20 years or so at Linn.