NPX 300 errors?

Anyone had any errors on powering up their NPX 300, eg power light on, logo illumination off, obviously affecting whatever device it’s powering?



My NPX300 has worked flawlessly for the year I have had it.
I would contact your dealer ASAP and discuss this with them.


Already done.

Performed a reset, pressing rear button for 3+ seconds appears to have cleared the fault, but the 300’s power button remained slowly flashing until mains power off/on cycle.

Then the 222/300/250 restart sequence was REALLY ugly!

Looks as if Naim software can’t handle errors for toffee :joy:.


@Richard.Dane @110dB .

It would be really useful to add a brief article to the FAQ’s describing what actually happens, flashing lights, relays clicking, etc., when the Reset Button is pressed on the various New Classic boxes.



A bit harsh… maybe…?



Talk to your Dealer.
Contact Naim support.
Sell your Naim units.

Naim Is Not For Everyone.

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Error handling is basic coding isn’t it?

So, if you don’t do it, you’ve not finished the job.


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Are you able to expand on what you mean by ‘ugly’ in more detail?

When I first had my 222/250 it once went through a multiple cycle before settling when powering off with the handset. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the details as it was unexpected! I do recall I had to press the power button on the 250 to get it back on.

However, since then it has been fine. I leave it in network standby so it can be woken by the Naim app.

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Stupidly I did not record the exact sequence of events, however;

  1. Had to reset the NPX 300 to get it to start correctly - I’m guessing some of the digital/analogue power rails had not come up correctly based on the behaviour of the NSC 222.

  2. After resetting the NPX 300, the power light just kept flashing slowly, but still no logo illumination and no response from 222 - had to pull the mains to get it to restart.

  3. Then the 222 hung in its boot cycle requiring a second mains power off to get it to start correctly.

  4. After that, all three unit were running correctly, but not impressive for £17.5k’s worth of kit.

And then folk get snarky if you point out the obvious……

Have left it in standby since - too scared to try deep hibernation :joy:.

ATB, J :grinning:


If it’s like mine then it should be safe in network standby. Can’t wait to get an NPX and join you.

I’ll swop you mine :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:.

But seriously, you won’t regret it, the NPX 300 makes an immediately noticeable and substantial difference to the NSC 222👍.


A bit harsh, yes.
But the list is however long ( multiple default Nova production at the beginning, Uniti star ripping errors, 3 members since 1 year who had to return their new 300 series component, multiple switches relays default on preamps or streamers as Ndx2 or Nd555…)


I have the issue with my NPX 300 for not going into standy mode, I mean when I switch off the unit by pressing the standby button and removing the mains and when again connected the mains the unit directly gets switched ON it does not stays in standby mode. Tried multiple times resetting the unit to factory but no changes. What would be the issue still wondering as the unit functions normally when ON.

Are you doing a long press on the power button? Or just a brief one?

Tried to factory reset from the button behind the unit, is the unit same as nap 250 which works with long pressing the standby button?

I believe so. Long press to power down before removing mains.

You need to press the button for 3+ seconds, then the NPX 300 will perform a factory reset.

Be interested to read your report of what happens then……?


You mean long press on the front standby button for factory reset?

No, the reset button is on the rear of the unit - see the picture in the manual.