NPX-300 Power Button Brightness

Is everyones NPX-300 power button brighter than their other devices when the stack is powered off ?

I have my NSC-222 set to low brightness and when I power everything on both devices have the same brightness, but when I power the equipment off the NPX-300 goes full brightness and the NSC-222 stays at the same low brightness.

Playing about with the button at the back of the NPX-300 seems to make no difference to the powered off state.

It’s not a big issue it’s just tweaking my OCD :slight_smile:

NSC222-NPX300 comms are through one of the Burndies, I forget which one.

Have you checked the connectors, there were quite a few Burndy issues reported in the early days, myself included, usually centered on them being almost impossible to lock due to being too tight.

Perhaps one of your pins became dislodged?

Just thinking aloud.


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I’ll have a look over the weekend.

BTW, should have said, my power buttons, NSC222/NPX300/NAP250 are all the same brightness, well more or less anyway.

If it’s not the Burndy, you’ll have to see if Graculus will give you a hand :innocent:.


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This issue has been brought up previously regarding the 332 preamp (thread below). It’s been stated that this is a known issue and only occurs when the units are turned off and NOT set at max brightness. My 332 power button is dimmer than my 250 power button when put in standby. I don’t recall if my 222 did this as I left everything on 99% of the time. It’s suppose to be corrected with a future update.

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Thanks for the info.

This wasn’t a software issue in the end, it was a hardware fault. Apparently the voltage to the LED was too high on the 332. Maybe worth raising with dealer.

So the information Naim originally gave you was wrong and redacted? What was the resolution? A repair under warranty?

It seems odd that it would be a hardware fault if the problem only occurs when the units are not set to max brightness. They have the same brightness when on.

it was fixed under warranty. It wasn’t fixed when on max brightness, it was just that the streamer was brought up to the same brightness as the preamp so the problem was masked

edit: I confused you with the original thread poster.

@Richard.Dane - Richard, can you please get a direct answer from someone internally on this issue?

When the 332/250 have their lighting set at max brightness, the power lights have the same brightness when in standby mode. If you have the lighting brightness set to anything less than max, the 332 has a dimmer standby light when put in standby mode versus the 250.

Another user who posted in this thread originally stated Naim told him it was a software issue that would be corrected in the future. Now, he has redacted that statement and stated Naim did some repair/workaround on the issue. I started a ticket with Naim and the response I received wasn’t very clear. The person who responded stated they “don’t believe it could be a software issue”, but didn’t seem very sure of themselves. I don’t want to send my 332 in for repair unnecessarily. Especially, if no one is aware of the issue or a proven solution to the problem.

The original poster of this thread has the same issue with their 222/NPX300. It seems to be an issue with the preamp lighting control.

Have you asked Naim support on this?

Is that the same as starting a ticket or is there a support line of communication that is different? As I stated in the previous message, the customer service person who responded didn’t seem too sure of themselves.

Probably best to take it upon With your dealer to discuss with Naim - hopefully they can get a more definitive answer for you.

Just raised a Support & Assistance ticket, lets see what Naim come back with.