NSC222+NPX300 relay latching

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@NoNaim could you please contact me about the shared issue of NPX300 relay latching. I’ve done many test and I’m curious of your NSC222 network config.

It has only happened once, so it could be one of those rare glitches you get with electronics and software. I first tried powering up from standby to operational mode, then back to standby. Alas, this still had the relay latching problem, that occurred when first switching to standby. So, next step full power down and disconnect from the mains, which was left off overnight. This included 222,300,250, Core, Nucleus, Volt power supply, EE8 and Forrester F1 power supply. Router
was not powered down or rebooted.
All items, excluding router, where powered up successfully. The problem has not been seen since, when powering to stanby. :crossed_fingers::blush:

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