OCD Alert! Old Naim Price Lists

Hi all,

Lately I’ve become obsessed with the timeline of the Naim products. I’ve managed to make an overview of most things as you will see in the next post. I am now trying to do the same with the (GBP) price lists of Naim. I managed to find online most prices from 2008 onward, as well as the ones from 1981, 1982, 1984. However everything in-between is really hard to find. Therefore I thought I should turn to the collective help of the forum! Do you mind sharing some scans/photos of past hard-copies? I imagine a lot of members around here must have a couple in their archive and it should be a nice trip through time with the various NACs & NAPs showing up and disappearing…

I suppose this information is/was public, so it shouldn’t be a problem to share. @Richard.Dane, if there is an issue with sharing old price lists, please let us know.

Many thanks in advance for helping me with my OCD!

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Here is my attempt at a visualised time-lime. You should be able to zoom in the picture or download it to make sense of it. Some years were not clear to me so I have left some question marks. @Richard.Dane or whoever else, feel free to chip in with corrections!


Also I find the wording in old leaflets very refreshing, nostalgic and down to earth. Feel free to share some of those as well. Here is one I found advertised in ebay, I assume it’s from ~1994 based on the items shown:


I have some I will scan and post tomorrow.

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No problem with anyone wanting to post scans of old brochures and price lists here.


Truly, the Golden Age…

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I have various Product Guides and other items in my print archive as I always kept numerous file copies when they were delivered by the printer. It is likely that I actually have more than naim themselves! I have a busy schedule over the next few days but I will add them here as soon as I can.


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Here is the 2006 price list.

NAP 500 Information / Photograph

Rather than scan the printed version, I have created these images from my original artwork.
A4 single sided information sheet that was also designed to be used on a page in a naim newsletter. Included is the uncropped original picture which was taken by Andy Cahill at Photoworks.


This is great stuff guys! Keep them coming! :smiley:

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Interesting that, in 2007 when DBLs were available, the SL2s were sold as passive loudspeakers at £5843. Then in 2009, when DBLs were discontinued, the SL2s were positioned as active loudspeakers at £6020 with the passive crossovers an extra £205.

Product Guide 2004 / Folded / 8 pages / 105 x 297 mm

Note - if you open the images in a new tab you will be able to see / read more detail.

You’ve got some great archive there @GeoffC! Are you working at/for Naim?


Hi @sihctr, information is in my profile.

One thing I have noticed is that XPS started as PSCD for the CDS. So, technically, it should be called SPS when it was renamed! 555PS came 8 years later, so who knows what Naim had in mind at that time regarding the PS hierarchy…

All this trivia from the past is quite fun and gives a nice insight in the workings of the company…

Also today is first time I heard about NAP6-50. Never noticed it before.