Old 252, DR or complete swap?

I have a 252 and sc from 2011. Lovely sound, but sometimes i do find it can be a bit sharp on the top on certain music. But it might as well be the itch for upgrade :frowning: however…

Is there any logic in selling both to buy a newer pair where the sc is DR, or is this just me being to obsessed with details, given that the sc to scdr is probably only real upgrade in such a change?

Better to just change the sc for a newer one? And is it likely that the mentioned shapness is due to age/can I expect a DR to fix it?

And practical: any thoughts on difficulties selling these units seperatly?

I think the DR upgrade is around 2K so it would make better sense to buy a previously owned DR and sell the plain SC if there is a market for it. The last one I saw went around 1300 pounds, average seems to be around 1500 pounds.

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Never heard a 252 with non-DR SC but by most accounts the SC DR was a big improvement for the 252.

But no use in switching out the 252 for a new one, just get it serviced one of these years, being 10 years old it is in the recommended service interval. Naim will add the latest updates, if there are any, as part of the service.

As for the SC, as bruss (not Dunc!) wrote it usually makes more sense to sell the non-DR and buy a used DR, in most cases. But as the DR upgrade is around 2K as bruss (not Dunc) wrote, do the math depending on used SC DRs that you find and the prices for non-DR that you can expect when selling

Dunc agrees with me? :slight_smile:

For 1300 i might as weel just keep it for a while to go with the superline and test how much better it really is with a seperate ps.


An even better plan!

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I am sure he does! But another case of avatar confusion, this time it is not Cardoso’s donkey and blue sky but Dunc’s dog and blue sky instead of your pride and blue sky! :joy:

agree with @marksnaim! If only you had mentioned the Superline :slight_smile:
On the other hand I now know that you have a Nap3000DR, not bad!

Would be interested in what you think about the SC on the SL, too

That makes sense. I am in a similar position. Find a SC DR for my 252 and move the current SC on to the study with the 82 or sell the SC and buy a second olive hicap and some new music and a bottle or two of something pleasant to enjoy it all.

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Those are not ‘old’ - mere youngsters…!! The newest NaimThing that I own is my XPS from 2005…!! But - everything has been serviced and is serviced, every 8 to 10 years.


My 252 and SCDR is arriving on Monday from I’ve heard it should sound wonderful. What sources are you using that might be the cause of the sharpness.

I think the decision re: keep current supercap for superine and get a lightly used supercap DR for 252 is a good one. Your current supercap can be serviced relatively cheaply, especially if using Class A. Out of the two boxes, it’s more likely the supercap that’s gone ‘off’. The 252 may be ok for a while yet.

As far as the 252 is concerned, if you have a good clean example with a well balanced volume pot, I would definitely keep hold of it and just get that serviced when the time comes. That too can be relatively inexpensive and it will come back performing like a new one for far less £££’s.

From what I’ve read, I think you will get a nice improvement from the DR power supply on the 252.

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I will step up manfully and take that tatty ‘old’ 252 and SC off your hands for ten bob. It’s the least I can do.


I have ndx2 on 555dr, so do not suspect them to be guilty…

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Thats a good point! In that manner it is comfortably to know what I have, and the 252 is cleat with a dead center pot.

Good point.

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A definite keeper I would suggest :+1:

Crikey @bruss
First it’s a donkey. Now it’s a dog


Should ‘ve gone to Specsavers?

Better now?