Olive 250 transistors

Hi friends,

This picture is from an olive 250 manufactured in 2001.

Is it normal to replace transistors at any point during an amp’s life?

What do you make of the different numerical descriptor for two of the eight transistors?


All are -001 transistors, which is what they should be, as far as I know.

The two 007s are on one of the regulator boards. Likely have been changed due to failure (or possibly going out of spec) of the original 001s. Nothing to be concerned about.


Thanks guys. What is the difference between the two types?



Ha! But seriously, did Naim make both? Are both the 001s and 007s within spec?
Basically, is there anything to be worried about?

Well beyond my knowledge base my friend. I was just having a giraffe with you.

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Over the years Naim work with the manufacturer to improve aspects of the performance of these ‘output’ transistors and the ‘00x’ code denotes the change in specifications. For completeness the OCD in me would prefer both regulators to have been fitted with the ‘007’ type transistor but obviously the company deem that unnecessary.


Thanks. So just to be clear (and possibly satisfy my own OCD) - is it safe to say that both the 001s and 007s are appropriate for use in an olive 250?

Well the only folk able to obtain those stamped devices are either an authorised service agent or Naim’s own service department, so you can rest assured all is fine.

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Thank you!

Naim don’t make components. :zipper_mouth_face:

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No, but semelab do!

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The reason I’m asking is I sold this olive 250 along. The buyer is claiming the 007s are fake parts that are out of spec, and refuses to even test the amp. He claims he is concerned there is a risk the amp will damage his speakers. I am bewildered, and the claim seems suspect. I have asked what system and speakers he is using, but he won’t respond to that question. He won’t even say what the basis of his claim is that the parts are fake and out of spec.

I suggest you email Naim support. Then you will have written evidence from the manufacturer that they are, or are not, genuine parts fitted by them or their authorised service agent.

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Is this an eBay transaction?

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There is a small possibility of S/H parts from a breaker?

It does seem odd that Naim have only replaced one channel? :thinking:

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I think I saw your ad in USAM for that 250. If you want, I can open my olive 250 from the same vintage and post pics to verify.

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Yes, I sold it on eBay

Thanks. Might be interesting to have another data point if you don’t mind doing that.