Forest Gump for gold? :ping_pong:


Watching the Aus v Spain game. Gee Spain love a bit of a dive. Hate to see if the poor buggers ever really got injured.

Really enjoyed the women’s road race this morning, good to see a break end in a win. Anna Kiesenhofer’s is a well-deserved winner, took a chance by going out in the break and it paid off.


Great win.

She probably surprised herself with the victory. She obviously hadn’t practiced riding over the line, arms aloft. She was very shaky.


Just been reading about how the IOC decided that selling the full TV rights to a pay channel rather than the free to air BBC was most important to them.

Hardly reflective of The Olympic Ideal is it…?


Sad to see Bradly Sinden settle for silver against Rashitov.

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Like a lot of institutions unfortunately money is king.

Great swim by Ariarne Titmus in the women’s 400m final and Adam Peaty in 100m breaststroke (swimming).

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XC MTB is up and running. Technical looking course has already claimed one big name. Pidcock is a big prospect for a medal.

Pete, that 400m swim was worth it for the coach’s reaction alone! It was a great race.


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Archery and shooting coverage on the BBC is virtually non existent. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Those and weightlifting are the only things I’m likely to watch. I like cycling but to watch a whole race live it just too much.
So for me, it’s a big switch off/over

I thought his head was going to come off, he’s had to apologise for taking his mask off.


Are they not on ‘Red Button’?

Blimey! Well done Tom and Matty! Magnificent! :grinning:

That 5th dive, just incredible…

Tom Daley finally gets Gold at 4th attempt. The Chinese pair were superb, as you would expect.


Go Tim Podcock, as the commentator just called him.

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Good win. Damn hard work.

Yep, have to watch that now :grinning:

Opps sorry there’s no spoiler warning. Sorry.

's alright, I’m working and am online right now, I know the result…

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Not that I’ve seen.