Omg - 552dr - big change alert - with video :)

Just before Naim stopped doing DR upgrades to existing products, I ordered a DR update for our 552. Unfortunately my travel plans and other things got in the way so the 552 got sent back to Salisbury recently for the long overdue update.

You can see my system in the profile and it is very carefully installed (no wires touch and everything optimised set up wise. It also lives in a walk in cupboard so acoustically isolated when in operation.

I also thought the 552 without the DR was very good, much clearer and open than the 52 which is still in the reference league, the 552 is open, faster, but with a hint of richness that the post olive series grey boxes all have. The 552DR has been in the system 48 hours, and from the first few notes I could tell that this pre-amp did the business, I listened to the NAT01, Petroc Trelawny voice was so so clear, spooky realism. Then flipped over to the Klimax DS/1 and listen to our HDX ripped library, some CD’s again presented with more openness, more detail, more speed, just so fast and open and natural. Also the bass region, so open and clear, more open and natural. On the regular 552 and active set up, sometimes I thought the bass region was a bit too rich (this is all very subjective of course!)

A significant step up from the 552 as was - hard to put numbers but 30% better subjectively, and this is only after 48 hours (also note my pre-DR 552 was recently serviced so was not a tired example). I Tonight, I am going to play the ultimate weapon - the Naimed Phonosophie P3, Aro with Supercapped Prefix on a Mana shelf!

552DR is ace! Well done to team Naim! I don’t know who designed it but big thanks - I did meet Roy George a few times and he’s a genius, as well as Paul S and @110dB who are all Naim gods (alongside Jason Gould and Mark Raggett and so many other great people at Naim - too many to mention!)

Also Nait50 waiting to be installed in second system with HDX, N-DAC, NAT 02 tuner, Nait 2 and SBL :slight_smile:

My worry is now what next: is it NC250 active to replace my active 250 or used 250DR active!


I had forgotten that you have a Phonosophie P3 TT, supposedly Julian Vereker’s favourite turntable, for which he designed an Armageddon-variant power supply, the PS3 (I think).

They appear to be very rare turntables.

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Hello @graham55 - yes, I also had a LP12, Ekos in Radikal spec with Karousel (with Prefix inside). Prior the Radikal PS, I had an Armageddon, to my ears and listening preferences Armageddon was much better than the Radikal and was on par with Phonosophie. After the Radikal was installed I did not like sound of the LP12, took away the naturalness and analog sounding authority of the Naimed deck. Another good LP12 supply is the Norton Air Power and also the Pink Triangle Pink Link (I still have one of those somewhere)


That post will open a can of worms Debraj :joy:. Congrats on the 552DR. It’s for sure a great pre amp. Enjoy! :+1:

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I’m all for competition at the high end of the market. I have no intention of swapping my LP12 - indeed I’m on the verge of buying a second one (!) - but a bit of healthy competition has to be good for the trickle down effects of any improvements.


Interesting that they still agreed to go ahead, as DR upgrades were cancelled some time ago?

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Naim were great as always, I ordered just before the cut off but my travel plans and other delays meant that only recently done. I’m very grateful as the sound is out of this world!


Just switched myself from 252DR to 552DR last week and it is really coming on song. Huge improvement in just about every aspect, surpassing even my own wild expectations.

Its like getting a whole new CD collection - and I’ve held off with vinyl so far whilst the Superline settles !

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Just tried the Phonosophie. Speechless, the 552DR is so good. :slight_smile:

And here is a video


I had vinyl playing last night with mine - pretty amazing. Have been blown away so far though just with CDs, such that the LP12 has barely got a look in. Such detail and richness in the sound, not to mention far superior top and bottom end.

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That short wall has to be wreaking havoc on the sound. Can you pull the speakers out?

Hi, It’s actually a quite a wide wall (16ft), with a short step (less that 1ft) in it on the left (picture doesn’t show the rest of it). Sounds good, and the SL2 are 16cm away from the wall (also doesn’t render in the photo) which evens out the bass, as does the strategic bass trap! I have SL2, SBL and IBL to try and all three sound mighty here, a credit to great design.


It may seem like a daft question, but how on earth do you access the controls with the racks positioned as they are? Does the remote work with all the kit in a cupboard?

I find my relatively simple set-up a pain with cable dressing. I can’t imagine how you manage it all in such a tiny space. You must be a contortionist!

Lovely system though. Nice to see the old Sony Walkman Pro. I had one many moons ago.

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Thank you! - I have one of those RF repeater things that allows the door to be shut and the 552 to work, and yes, I do not like setting this system up in a cupboard as I am a perfectionist on arranging and cable dressing. Hardest system I have ever had to set up :slight_smile:


I also have a small room just for the electronics/record player and the speakers in the listening room.
Good to not have to look at the electronics when listening and also less vibrations going into the electronics/record player.

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Come on man, don’t put baby in the corner. :smiley:


I’m rather surprised that, with your level of system, you’re using a Dynavector 17D. It is a very good cartridge (I had three in succession), but the Te Kaitora Rua is SO much better!

Hi Graham mainly for sound presentation, I used to have the DV XX2 for 10 years and prior to that the Ortofon SPU Royal N. The 17DX is the same cost at the XX2 but has a cleaner faster sound but with the famous clarity and precision. It’s a great match sonically with the Aro. I would love to try a Rua or a XV1 or would like a SPU again. Best wishes!

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Hello, Dev, I never considered the XV1, as I thought that it was too heavy for the ARO, and I have no experience at all of the SPU.

Hi Graham, The Ortofon SPU Royal N is a fantastic cartridge, one of the best in the world. Back in the day when these sort of things was allowed I had a cartridge demonstration hosted by my friend @Richard.Dane (guru of all things analog) at the Naim factory demo room. My Troika vs Some mega Clearaudio vs Ortofon SPU. Imagine the bass of Troika, speed of clear audio, and analog naturalness like a Denon 110, then you have a Ortofon SPU Royal N. Matches very well with Aro, but I remember the underside of the headshell needs to have a sliver of paint scraped off for earthing the cartridge.

One of the best and well with a try!

Best, Dev