One thing about the Forum that really needs fixing


…IMO, is that “liking” posts seems to be capped.

I’ve just been told that I have to wait 16 hours before I can like anything again, which seems to be a bit odd.

@Richard.Dane do you know if this is the case? is our enthusiasm being squashed?


Can we have email notification solely of ‘likes’?



Kev, yes, I think there’s a first day cap on certain things such as likes. Just part of the software, mainly to prevent some 'bot coming on (if they can get through the net) and going crazy…


Thanks @Richard.Dane - I’d have liked your post, but… :sunglasses:


Have a :heart: on me.

.sjb :cd:


One thing that does seem very good is the app. Anyone else tried it yet?


Yep, seems pretty good @TheKevster easy to find your way around. Tried it via my Android phone and also my iPad, works a treat.
Must say though it’s easier still with the extra real estate of my PC monitor.


If you mean the DiscourseHub app, on iPhone I find it indistinguishable from useing the forum on Safari. Haven’t tried any larger screen devices yet.


So far I have to say that this new forum is miles ahead of the old one. Well done Naim.


I wonder how your first new forum day has gone @richard dane. Seemed a breeze out front, probably not as easy out the back. Kick back and have a glass or two


Gazza, it was a 7am start and has been busy ever since - each and every applicant I’ve had to check through, assign a couple of things and then approve, as well as trying to take time out here and there to post replies etc… But I’m soon to call it a day, as even I need some sleep at some point. I’ve really enjoyed greeting each and every member, had fun sometimes trying to identify members who have changed their username, and I’m heartened that so many have joined up to the new forum on the first day.

Just so you all know, I’m only part of what has been a team effort, and it wouldn’t have been possible without everybody involved, including those at the Naim factory, and of course the beta forum members, from going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure today’s launch went well. So thanks to everybody for your efforts, which are hugely appreciated.


Perhaps I have missed it somewhere, has all previous topics now been deleted from the old forum e.g is a previous topic history search now not possible ?


Well done to you and the team, Richard. Day 1 could have been hell but as a user it seems to have gone smoothly.


Seadog, due to the way the old forum provider designed their system, the old posts could not be moved easily, so it was thought best to archive them on the Naim site. The archive will hopefully be done and finished in a few weeks time. The idea being that we didn’t want to lose so much valuable history and information and the archive will be searchable.

Mike, thanks. Glad it went smoothly for you.


They are meant to be coming but I imagine that the archiving and migration task isn’t trivial so I guess we should be patient.


Ah, righto then cheers. Yes , xxxxx years worth of topics to migrate over will not be easy. Understood Richard thank you. You are very correct that there is much valuable topic history that should be saved for future reference.
Thank you !


Great Job Richard !!!
A trouper you are … keep up the great work keeping a eye on us ( me )




Good to see you here Steve. Hope you’re well.


I am really liking the new Forums abilities on android mobile and desktop, in fact I think it is a vast improvement on the last version.
There is one thing that I would suggest could be removed is - This topic will close two months after the last reply!


Thanks Richard, I’ll do my best to stay out of trouble !!!