One thing about the Forum that really needs fixing


Well done you chaps.


It’s actually a bit more awkward to use.
There is no ‘back’ button


Maybe my settings, but can not expand images.


It’s been a good start to this new forum. I pressed a few wrong buttons but with help from Richard and one or two others have managed to take a few wobbly steps.

Best wishes for the future and many thanks to Richard, Naim and the Beta Testers for getting things off to such a great start.


One of my bugbears from the old forum has come across to the new forum: link text is indistinguishable from the surrounding text.

Have you stopped upgrading. If so, why?
Have you stopped upgrading. If so, why?

I’m just shocked that Richard needs sleep…


Hi Adam, on iPhone I see the same back button in the app as you get in Safari.


Now I see it. Thanks @ChrisSU.
Dangerously close to the ‘Done’ button, which takes the user put of the forum in the app…


Is it not possible on this forum to follow favourite topics and members as it had been with Hoop La?


You can certainly follow topics but I haven’t found a way to follow people yet.

If you click on the control below the Bookmark, Share etc line (it’s showing Normal below)

It will expand and give some options for notifications. It gives more flexibility than the old forum. I particularly like the Muted option to hide threads that don’t interest me.



It is possible to follow topics.

Set the topic to ‘Watching’.

This means you will get an email every time someone replies on that topic.
So far there seems to be around 10 min delay between someone posting a reply and an email receipt.


Thanks to both Richard and Adam. I too rather like the idea of muting certain topics.


Yes Clive, I agree. It strikes me as a very useful option. The topic disappears from the list and you forget it’s there.

I did it by mistake on my own “Brexit” thread. It took quite a while to figure out what had happened and to recover. But it does make it possible to “taylor” the entire forum to one’s own taste and not be bothered by irrelevant or irritating topics.




Graeme, as far as I can see you can get browser notifications (they should appear top right of your browser) but will have to delve deeper into it to see if these can be emailed. It may have to wait until the incoming applications die down a bit…


Thanks Richard.



Didn’t know there was an app - will check it out, while web based works well so far…


Adam, with your reputation…?

What were you thinking…?


how do I get the replies to a thread displayed in reverse chronology i.e. latest first. I have only just opened this after getting my account so still feeling my way around and I may have just missed something obvious



Adam - FYI, there are KeyBoard Shortcuts under the Listings(?) icon on the top RHS of my screen (i.e. 3 horizontal lines) under which you can find the KS’s. ‘U’ seems to be the back command.