One thing about the Forum that really needs fixing


Have you passed through (or fly over) those locations with the Naim/DiscourseHub app on a ?? I suspect not as you would have twigged on that. I would raise with Richard and NaimAdmin.



I’ve had a look at mine, the IPAD and PC (both most recently used on home WiFi) are correctly located in this town, the IPhone I used in Leeds this evening is shown in London.



As has been discussed before, The location is not wholly reliable - my devices are somewhere up north (I’m currently down south). It’s mainly for your own security to alert you if a suspicious device is logged in to your account.



@Richard.Dane -

Richard, my Devices record is now showing an inactive Mac device far away from me (I don’t have any Apple devices and have only logged in with my domestic laptop).

This doesn’t feel comforting - can I ask for a better clarification of why this is the case and what’s going on? For me, domestic PC security is paramount.

p.s. just remembered that one of the team accessed my Profile to amend my background to ‘Grey’ - could this be the reason?

The dates correlate.



I’m at work but the weather is poor so no training and time to experiment with the computers.

I went into my “preferences” and turned off all five devices that had been recently used using the option that suggested they might not be mine.

I then chaecked all three PCs at work and my i-Pad and found that I had to re-log-in. I did this one at a time and watched each machine declare itself as logged on.

The locations are still showing as Ewell for the PCs and somewhere up in Oxforshire for my i-Pad even though i’m pretty close to Salisbury.

But at least I feel confident that it’s me who is in control, and Richard’s note above seems to endorse that feeling.

My thanks to Mike, Richard and others who have helped out.



Yes, that would be me. I had to change your forum background theme.



@Richard.Dane - Richard thanks. Another learning on how things work around these parts! Sorry to trouble you. Like Don, I’ve logged out & in (and changed password for good measure).

…back to the music.



It’s always interesting how different people look at things in very different ways.

A lifetime in IT makes me very security conscious when online and location information is something I always protect very carefully. Fortunately the systems used to determine location are easily confused and to prove it the location info in my profile has just changed from a Linux machine in Camden (right machine, wrong location) to a windows machine in Portland Oregon (wrong machine & location) without moving an inch and still using the same Linux box. Logging on at work can be particularly prone to location errors as internet traffic is often routed through a head office network regardless of where you are.
So to me the wrong location is good, the right location is bad.

As Richard has said errors in the location info are almost certainly nothing to worry about.




On a recent thread I had four people respond to one of my posts. I responded to the first three of these delightful people - no problem.

I also drafted a response to the fourth, but when I tried to “Reply” ie post my response, I got a message to the effect that three responses were enough and that I MUST let others participate before I am permitted to post to that thread again !

So apologies to Wenger who might be wondering why I responded to the others and not him. If somebody else posts in that thread, then I shall be able to respond to Wenger, but not until then !

Is this a good idea, ie three strikes and you’re out ?

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There is no link on the Naim website to the new forum - or at least not that I can find. I’ve had to scratch my head twice this week when working at another location & PC.
Need to remember how to log in =



This not a really fixing to the Forum feature as much as an enhancement.

If in the “What are you listening too” forum, it would be great if you could click on the album pic and have it output the details to a text file to refer to at a later time to stream or download. A further enhancement would be to link it to the Naim App or Roon Ap to search for it or to play it.



@Mike-B - Mike there is, it’s under Support at the bottom of the main page (+others I suspect).

You need to ‘Go Deeper’ down the page:grinning:



Mike, if you go to the Naim homepage, scroll to the end you will see this set of options and links. In the Final column under “Support” the first link is to Forums, click on that and it will get you back here.



OK thanks folks, I see it. … & yes it was a D’OH moment


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