One thing about the Forum that really needs fixing


in the old forum, there was a direct way to see someone’s profile – in particular what system they own etc.

Can someone tell me how I can do that in this new forum?



Hi Ken,

Not as intuitive as on the old forum, but, when completing your profile, you can add system info.

Then, when another member clicks on your avatar, then the “expand” button, all should be revealed.


I was able to add system info to my profile OK – I just didn’t see how to view that for ny one else (of course I could view mine OK). Thanks for info on the ‘expand’ button :slight_smile:



Hi Ken, this is what we see of you when we open your profile


User cards also show some of the basic information (opened by clicking the user name).

I have not managed to get this work on iOS though.


This limiting likes thing is really starting to grate now.

Apart from that, a big improvement.


Hi serge, while asking for or offering informal advice is fine, I’m afraid that using the Naim forum as a platform to advertise or solicit for anything - including work - is strictly forbidden.


I’ve noticed that one very well known and technically knowledgeable member of the forum appears to have not made his profile public, unlike in the old forum. I didn’t know that hiding your profile entirely was a thing and I wonder whether it’s an error.


Thanks Mike – exactly as intended :slight_smile:


Not sure if anyone has found this bug, but every time I look at a user profile that it then tells me is hidden I can’t go back to where I came from (using the App). I have to close the App on the iPad.

Otherwise liking it, but would be nice to see a preview of new posts looking at Latest, New etc to avoid going to the thread.



i found this bug too. Some have hidden profile and they even don’t know their profile is hidden.


I’ve noticed one particular hidden profile which seems most unlikely to be a conscious choice as the frequently-posting owner had an extensive public profile in the old forum and he is not a shrinking violet in any respect, including that he regularly discusses his system and it’s intricacies on the forum.




Is there/ could we have a way to delete “Notifications” ? It seems a bit pointless to have a list a mile long, the new ones are at the top of the list & once read I don’t see any need to keep them.


I think a separate Hifi systems in each persons profile prompted when setting up wouldhelp. You can just log on and provide nothing, it’s not particularly obvious where to post it.


In my Profile page is a list of “Recently used devices” with option to “Delete” them if they are not me !

Their locations are all about 40 to 50 miles from where I live or work.

Would it be safe to hit the “delete” button on each one ? Or is this likely to disconnect me from the Forum ?


I’ve had the same Don after I logged in on other PC’s, I just deleted all except the two I normally use at home.
I’ve also had a new install of G.Chrome show up as a separate device.
Its OK to delete them by hitting the spanner (tool) icon on each device line- except the one marked active now.


That’s the problem Mike. None of them appear to be anywhere near Newbury, so I don’t know which one(s) I am using. I have this I-Pad in use and a Windows PC in my office. But there appear to be Windows PCs in Banbury and Ewell and an I-pad in Kent !


Ah, I see you said the spanner on all but the “active” one. I’ll take another look. Many thanks !

PS having had another quick look, I see an I-pad in Banbury is active so I guess that is this one here. I also have a pc which i’ll Look at in a moment plus three PCs at work which I’ll check tomorrow.

It seems to be a “location” issue ?


Ahh or should be Oooo !!!
That’s concerning & I would raise it with Richard

I knew the ‘odd’ devices that appeared as they where those I used during the week, daughters PC, Mrs Mikes laptop & my old & new Chrome installs.
And if its a possible solution to your problem, I have my ‘location’ visible

This is what I see now if its useful to you for comparison purposes.


Yes, mine looks similar but with two important differences.

First, there is a note that says there are three or four more devices - and I can and have revealed them.

Second, The location of the devices are not near Newbury. They are Bampton, Banbury, and Ewell with some duplications. !