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Dear Naimists, TBH we hardly eat meat most of the time. But when we do we prefer the real deal and are willing to pay for it. Properly reared, organic and no unstunned slaughter an absolute must. I used to travel to the Exmore area in the past and have used but not in a long time

So anyone out there using such suppliers? Unfortunately in South Gloucestershire, namely, the Chipping Sodbury / Stroud area it seems the choice is limited (or cant find one) to all but supermarkets who no nothing of the provenance usually.

Thanks in advance


I’ve had wonderful-quality meat from here, with the bonus that it’s all from local(ish) farms, so keeping food miles to the minimum:


Since Nelson’s went in Sodbury nothing seems so good, I use Jon Howell in Sodbury, never checked the provenance, joints seem variable. Jesse Smith in Tetbury? Not sure if Molesworths in Frampton are still trading.
So many of the “farm shops” arounf here seem to be supplied by Thorners which I tend to avoid.
A bit further afield, the farm shop in Chepstow Garden Centre, last time I was there they had Welsh lamb and black beef.
I think Easter Compton farm shop only sold their own meat.
Have you tried the butchery counter in Gloucester Services, about junction 11 (could be another thread, best service stations you have used).

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I think there is a good choice around here. I have just taken delivery of half a lamb from Oakridge Farm, but for online there are several places that I recommend, including a farm in Aldsworth and a butcher near Corse Lawn. The former has good rare breed meat, and the latter comes recommended.

This one has just opened in the five valleys shopping centre:

As a treat I go up to Jolly Nice, but they don’t deliver.

I know this farm well and their pasture fed meat comes highly recommended:

As does this farm (I also know this farmer who is renowned conservationist and photographer):

We use Graig Farm in Wales, who can also pack nearly everything in butcher’s paper so you’re not chucking out tons of plastic. They even use wool to insulate their deliveries, which you can put to a variety of uses, or simply throw out know it’s biodegradable.

We’ve been delighted with Philip Warren in Cornwall. They supply several of the better restaurants in London, including Smokestak, Blacklock, Ledbury (or did in better times), and you can use their On the Pass service to purchase cuts to these buyer’s specifications. It’s all seriously good, with the burgers being especially stand out.

BTW if you find yourself wanting a cheese delivery then everything here is outstanding

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Tom Hixsom of Smithfield…supplies to restaurants and online. So when we have had say a great steak in a restaurant, asked about it, the name of this supplier kept cropping up.

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Sorry if I offend any veggies

Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 15.50.38

This is rather nice , I bought a leg and stupidly, stupidly put out some sugar based jelly which my guests put on this lovely meat.

A sacrilege .


Waitrose, on their website do set out their animal welfare arrangements /requirements .

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I use this butcher, a number of chefs friends of mine use them for thier meat - delivery to your door and the quality is stunning


Devizes that brings back Happy Memories

They supply a couple of pubs around Stroud.


it was my good friend and ex owner of Sienna in Dorchester who put me onto them, have not been to Stroud for a while, I am good friends with Director at Calcot Manor so go through town to get to tetbury


Was going to comment the same, very good quality and their specials are some thing else.


If you can get to Stroud then why not try our local butcher, Broomhalls who have a shop in Eastington as well. They slaughter the animals, which are bred locally mostly.


A big shout to all, many thanks. cheers Antz

Agreed, never knew what happened there, our place in the uk is minutes from there too 8-(

Agreed, but I was asking questions in the Chipping Sodbury branch and they weren’t so helpful. Normally they get our regular support, but they need to improve on product information. JL, Waitrose and Richersounds all get our support due to the business model. (ok and TomTom Audio too :wink:)

As a family we were veggie for about 10 years, and now rarely (see what i did there) eat meat, but only of the highest standard

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