Only in Norfolk

Seen in the Eastern Daily Press, a case of unfortunate naming:-

‘Save Happisburgh Action Group’ - known as SHAG.

Happisburgh is a village on the North Norfolk coast that is rapidly falling into the sea due to severe coastal erosion. From my time living in Norwich over 40 years ago, I believe that locals pronounced the village name ‘Hazeborough’.

For any Happisburgh residents reading this, I do appreciate the seriousness of your situation & you have my greatest sympathy.

Any other memorable acronyms?


I worked in a hospital engineering workshop, we called ourselves the Fast Action Reaction Team.


Kenya believe it?


Bungay town in Suffolk (on the border of Norfolk) has the highest number of Satanists in UK.

Newly-released figures from the 2021 census show that Bungay has the highest number of Satanists in England and Wales.

The data shows that 70 people in the town and the surrounding - and apparently inaptly named - ‘Saints’ villages identify as followers of Satan.

Well this is the second story I’ve written about Norfolk only to find out (after writing it) that it’s actually about Suffolk.

So sorry to the OP. Anyway, I’ve written it now…

I don’t know if anybody remembers Tim Hunkin, English engineer, cartoonist, writer, and artist.

He had a TV series in the 1980/90’s called the secret life of Machines.

Every week he’d discuss the history of a household item and then take it apart and show you how it worked.

He was (still is) a very wacky English eccentric inventor type and lived in an ex commune (country manor) in (Norfolk) Edit Suffolk near Southwold.

He had been commissioned to design and build a number of automata type art installations for Meadowhall shopping centre to go in the arcade fun/leisure section above the food hall.

He’d farmed some of the build out to some of his wacky Art school friends around the UK and we had to go and photograph the different bits to show how it was progressing.

One of them being at his house or more accurately in his inventor garden shed.

It really was a hoot and his and his friends ideas and designs were hilarious, unfortunately in the end the shopping centre pulled the plug.

A great shame, just a bit too wacky for them I think.

Anyway a lovely, highly intelligent, creative and entertaining guy.



I remember when Ilived in Norfolk in the 90’s the local radio played a song by a local band called Norfolk 'n good!


30+ years ago I worked for The Halifax and this was a time when they were still a Yorkshire B/Soc and retained some quite strong principles.

One of the things they did was help regional teams of employees put together local care initiatives with technical and financial assistance, way before it was fashionable. It was genuinely a very good thing.

It was generally known as community development circles but some bright spark figured it would be great if we could come up with an acronym for this ‘…using the letters from H-A-L-I-F-A-X’, without twigging the X may be a little tricky and the whole thing seemed somewhat contrived.

I sent an internal message suggesting as much and that ‘Big Office Lardy Lump’s Oily Xits’ may be more appropriate. Clearly no-one read the message attached though, chucked it in the final draw and it got 13 votes :slightly_smiling_face:


For those interested in seeing Hunkin’s wacky inventions and amusements, many are installed on Southwold pier, including a brilliant water powered clock.


Back in the 80s I had regular working contact with the head of the UK government accountancy service, otherwise known, including to him, as hotgas.


I certainly remember him - he is a fascinating person. Lots of his stuff on YouTube.

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Writing was on the wall when the ministry of defence moved the early warning radar station inland to RAF Marham……shame.

Not forgetting NORWICH.
kNickers Off Ready When I Come Home.


Back when I was 17 I had a girlfriend who would write me letters with NORWICH written on the envelope. Idyllic days

Don’t get too excited. It just meant she was a keen Norwich City supporter…


I fear you may be too late - I can smell @badger1963 ‘s excitement over the internet



If I saw BURMA and NORWICH written in tandem I wouldn’t know what to do first. Never could multitask.

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Mrs SinS, a nurse in Suffolk, East Anglia, tells me they used to use the acronym NFN in medical nursing records… ie ‘normal for Norfolk’, ie patient not quite all there… I think our current culture of diversity and inclusion frowns upon such things now…. And to be fair far more people have moved into Norfolk now.…
Talking of which, another acronym you hear amongst locals especially in areas popular with holiday homes or weekend migrants, perhaps more a Suffolk thing, is DFL that is down from London

My favourite recent ‘unofficial’ has been coined with the growth of hybrid home and office working… where people are required to work Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays ie T W a T in the office.


I think DFL is now in pretty common usage. I hear it on the IOW every time I am DFL. :joy:

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Lol that is often a really effective way of winding some one from Suffolk up and the other way around I am sure … in the nicest way of course…ie getting the counties mixed up… I am sure much of that stems from old rivalries perpetuated by the East Anglian football derby, Ipswich vs Norwich… if nothing else tends to produce great banter in pubs etc.

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