Only One Album

This is an extreme case but, if you could have only one album, what would it be?

I would opt for Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’.


I think this answer would differ on any given day!
Let’s go with RUSH - 2112; as it is to be played at my funeral (at least side one is):grin:


Quadrophenia… The Who.


Grace is a top shout, but I reckon mine would be Suzanne Vega’s debut album, such a story teller.


Nick Cave ‘Ghosteen’



For me Mary Chapin Carpenter hard to choose but for one only choice would be Dirt & The Stars amazing songs dealing with some hard emotions and humanity.


I don’t know Nick Cave’s music, but he used to come into a pub/restaurant close to where I live. He had an awful family tragedy a couple of years back, and I haven’t seen him around since then, so he may have moved away.

If I had to keep only one album, I would not listen to it very often, and then maybe stop definitely to listen to it . I hate listening to the same albums on and on.

Paul Simon Graceland. My musical taste has changed a lot over the years but I’ve never grown tired of this album.


Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes still Track number one in my Demo playlist!
Simply brilliant album.



A dozen or so possibilities come initially to mind, but choose one the question for me boils down to:

What album
a) do I like most,
b) enjoy most,
c) find most moving,
d) find most cathartic,
e) find most therapeutic,
e) inspires me most,
f) would I miss most if unable ever to listen to it,
yet is beyond my ability to play the music in my head and so need have the real thing?

I will have to ponder this - and it may take a while. (And the services of Deep Thought would likely be useful…!)


I agree with all of that…

Would have to be I Never Loved A Man by Aretha.

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Ornette Coleman: Live at the Golden Circle, vol 1.

Like @QuickSticks says, it would differ from day to day. So, with that in mind, I would go with Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music. It says on the back that anyone claiming to have listened to this album in its entirety is lying, so out of spite I did just that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.
Anyway; if I ever end up on a deserted island, I think that precise record might spice up the stay on said island. If I am allowed to bring a substantial stereo system, I might even keep the wildlife at a distance.

Good morning everyone,
For me, the “Only One Album” is Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. This was the first album I bought, soon after it was released. Actually, I owned only two tracks on the album as my older sister and I clubbed together to buy it and I could afford the equivalent of only two of the 13 tracks! Then, the songs and the lyrics were important to me, but, later, the astonishing ability of the then 24-year-old Brian Wilson became more salient. The album’s very odd stereo wasn’t an issue then, as we had to play it on our Dansette Viva record player. The beginning of a long music and hi-fi journey …
Best wsihes,
Brian D.


This is rather like the desert island discs choice when you have to rescue just one record. Mmm… for me it would (probably) be Close to the Edge by Yes. This is an album which took me ages to get into, but eventually it clicked and has been on my desert island list ever since.

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Prince, Sign of the Times. It’s a double album. Does that count as one? :grimacing:

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Split Enz,Second Thoughts.

Either a version of Allegri’s miserere or Tallis’s lamentations of Jeremiah. Perhaps all on album sung by the Tallis Scholars.

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