Opening a CDX2.2

I just took delivery of a CDX2.2. Everything appeared to be in order with the packaging and transport screw, although a couple of the feet were loose. I tightened them up and turned it on with the blanking plug in place. Upon opening the drawer to play a disc, I noticed a part of the little platter was missing. I can hear something rattling around inside the player. I assume it’s the part. Can I open the case to retrieve it, or is that ill advised?

You should probably just return the item for a refund. Note that Naim cannot service CDX2s currently because they have no laser mechanisms (although they will sometimes try to cannibalise an old mechanism).

Obviously you could take the cover off, but it involves a lot of dismantling and I always chickened out on the occasions I started the process.

Why was I trying to take the top off? Well the CDX2 wasn’t mine and the owner three times lost the puck into the machine by trying to take the CD off before it had stopped. That’s one grandchild twice and her partner, who should have known better, once. Anyway I found each time that the puck was obviously inside as it was rolling around. But by disconnecting the machine, opening the drawer, turning the machine upside down and gently manoeuvring and shaking the machine, I could easily get the puck to fall out of the open door slot, notwithstanding that it doesn’t look like there is much room. In each case things were fine afterwards.

So I suggest you try this technique rather than try to take the cover off. It probably will work fine for any part that has gone inside.

Whether that will allow you to fix the machine is another question. Once you have the part out, post again here and we can see whether our friendly Naim service person has any suggestions.


If turning upside down to shake out the part/puck, I would defo ensure the transport screw is inserted and retightened… I suspect you meant to say that?

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No Simon. The transport screw holds the door shut, which of course defeats the purpose of the whole exercise!

So David how do you stop the transport coming off its suspension or damaging the suspension… I caused problems with my CDS3 with this.
So cant you open door, then screw in transport bolt to secure floating mechanism? Or would there be nothing for the transport bolt to screw into as the holes would not be aligned?
I have not tried it on my CDX2 admittedly, but I am very fussy about securing the transport when I move it, because of the issues I caused with my CDS3… admittedly a different design.

It might have been more useful to suggest don’t worry about the suspension when doing this as it shouldn’t be harmed!

The suspension system is very different in the CDX2 to the one in the CDS3. A CDS3 you definitely don’t want to turn upside down without the bolts in place!

Ok so CDX2 I don’t need to be quite so careful? That will certainly make life easier…

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It’s as Richard says. Nothing is flopping around in there even without the transport bolt in place.


If you open the CD drawer and then tip it up so the drawer is hanging down, then give it a shake, hopefully the missing part will drop out. Of course, there is the possibility that it gets stuck at the wrong end, in which case it’s going to be necessary to take it apart.

:thinking: Yes.

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Had an issue with my CDX2 door opening mech being stiff some years back. My dealer at the time showed me how to put the transport bolt in place; open it up and address the issue. Being partially-sighted I’m never 100% confident with such things but it was straightforward to do and you’d have to try quite hard to damage anything if all you were doing was retrieving something rattling around. We lost one puck in 20 years and it’s not a mistake most make more than once. Gloves on and away you go.

Thanks everyone. Is the little platter something I can just pop back into place, or is it something a technician should attach?

Which bolts am I supposed to loosen in order to open it? The four feet, the bolt near the rear, and the three semicircle bolts in this picture?

Don’t touch any of these …please …
I would carefully turn the unit up side down keeping the swing arm under control and allow the component to land on the " roof" of the player ,reason there are no boards parts transformer just a smooth uninterrupted bit of aluminium, then tip the player down with the facia facing you , keeping the swing arm under your control ,tip it so the “hole” is lowest and then reach in to collect part which will end up against lip of hole , hope that makes sense .If the circuit board has its own transport screw you can keep that in ,but the swing arm must be free but kept under control

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Don’t mess around with any of those bolts. The inner ones adjust the positioning of the drawer - Both within the fascia cutout and also front and back tilt. It’s very easy to mess things up…


I’m hoping of course the component has not got stuck or lodged anywhere ,

Just do it as I described before. You don’t need a transit bolt, nothing is at risk if it’s upside down with no transit bolt in place and whatever is rolling around will come out easily. I speak from experience of doing it myself three times to recover my friend’s puck.

What you do with what comes out is another matter, as I said before.

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Thank you Richard! Okay I will refrain from removing any bolts.

I had to do something similar with my CD5 on a couple of occasions when the puck got lost within the player. As others have suggested, it is possible for this part to drop out if the player is positioned appropriately with door open, albeit with some risk. Ultimately, as is, you have received a faulty machine, probably caused in transport. If it were me, I would at least try to see if this part can be got out and attempt to fit.

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The plastic ‘cap’ that the CD centres onto usually just clicks back into place - assuming it hasn’t cracked.
You can order replacements - in plastic or alloy - from some online outlets. I had to replace the one on my CD555 and bought both. I fitted the alloy one which has worked perfectly for years…

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