Opinion please Nait v Nait

Simple one this. For SQ Node x and Nait 50 or ND5xs2 and Nait 5si.

From your options, I’d say the second option. The NAIT 50 is a superb amp but deserves a better source.

The ND5XS2 and NAIT 50 would work nicely together though…


Source first.
But nait 50 is the better amp.
How about “prevloved” nd5xs2 and xs2?


interesting one. I’ve not listened to a Nait 50 or 5si but the difference in front end between a Node X and ND5XS2 is significant. I’d buy the source first and then pick an amp. 50 is in a different class than the 5si, so use your ears and wallet to choose. Best of luck!


The Nait 50/ND5 XS2 would get my vote.
I demoed a Nait 50 plus ND5 XS2 through a pair of PMC Prodigy One’s and was absolutely blown away by the SQ.
I’ve been trying to justify the purchase ever since, but I have no where to put it…:face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I have a Node 3i, ND5XS2 and Nait 50. The best SQ would be with the ND5XS2 and Nait 50 as the DAC is better in the Naim. However, a lot depends on which app you like to use. I much prefer the Naim app so I use the Naim streamers. You can of course bypass the DAC in the Node or the Naim, if you want to go that route.


Thanks. My budget is my restriction so I’m conflicted would love the Naim streamer and Nait 50 combo but it’s just out of reach.

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That sound like my type of setup. Need more money though🙁


Source first still counts ime.
Then buy secondhand or demo items for best possible economy.

Personally I’d never buy an expensive streamer as the development goes rocket speed.
Last months favorite are on sale next month.
Naim boxes takes a bit longer to be honest.
(A good turntable take decades to better)
I’d expect Naim 5 series to be discontinued when 100 serie release, maybe this year.?

With a mediocre streamer at a very high price, you can get much better sources out there for less money.

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From listening my personal opinion on the most happy pairings for SQ and other reasons (do you need phono and/or headphones?) is:

  • Atom
  • Nait 5si (and Nait 2) with ND5 XS2
  • Nait XS3 with ND5 XS2 > DC1 > nDAC
  • same as above plus XP5 XS
  • Nait 50 with NDX2
  • SN3 & HC DR with NDX2 & XPS DR
  • same as above but NAP282 & NAP200 DR
  • same as two above but plus DC1 & nDAC
  • Atom HE with NAP200/250 or active
  • NC series NSC222 & NAP250
  • same as above plus NPX300

So I would vote for your second option and forget the Node. Used or ex-dem it should fit your budget perfectly.

Then again, other members often have different ears than me so YMMV. Good luck!

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your budget is c3,800 EUR? You could do a lot with that if you’re willing to go S/H and make some compromises

Also, is this a second system? (i.e. are you keeping your Atom HE)


The HE has gone unfortunately🙁

That’s for the comprehensive reply

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£4000 and it’s creeping up😀

@Akh666 A lot depends on how serious you are regarding streaming. The general wisdom is the Dac in the The BS node is not that great. A lot also depends on how soon you want to get to your preferred system. Over the years I have come to regret stop gap solutions. I would encourage dealer demo or used from a dealer with a warranty.


You’re welcome, it possibly pre-empted some follow-up questions in the process. Btw don’t forget to budget for Naim NACA5 speaker cable also.

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I’m very serious about streaming with a TT in the near future too.

I would go used XS3 and used ND5XS (1st Gen) with Tidal then

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@Maury_Finkle the first generation streamer may limit choice of streaming platforms. Also the streaming board on the current version is thought to be much better.

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yes, we know that. these are the tradeoffs you make when on a budget

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