Outdoor Summer HiFi

Ok Summers here and I’m still stuck with some Bluetooth speakers and all that entails.

Looking to get some decent sound outdoors, happy to take the speakers inside, they don’t need to be waterproof but stereo is required. Music can be by any means necessary but taken from my my Naim lounge system would seem to make sense, perhaps via Ethernet? It’s only a small space but quality sounds required.

Anyone been in the same position and have a solution?

I think Focal do make some waterproof speakers. I guess your streamer can act as a server so if you connected them to a unitilte or atom you could have a good outdoor system. @Naim.Marketing should be able to point you in the right direction and give more info.

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Thanks for your suggestion. The speakers don’t need to be waterproof or particularly large but just offer great sound.

With battery or can you plug them in? What’s the network situation? How far from the house, is this on a terrace attached to the house, and does it have a roof? Else, how far away?

Thanks @paulbysea - yes, Focal has a couple of excellent options; just route (weatherproof) speaker cable outside. Both widely available:



Mains power is fine, it’s a small space close to the house. Wi-Fi drops out every now and again but not a much as Bluetooth!

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JBL Boombox

Hi Clare thanks for stepping up again.
Is there an option to use these with my existing HiFi without swapping out speaker cables every time I need some sounds outside?

Can you recommend a pair that connect via Wi-Fi or preferable Ethernet?

Thank you for your suggestion but I’m trying for stereo.

Mate, I would hear one first, it’s amazing.

Cool, this gives you more options, they are very limited for high-quality speakers with battery (actually, I believe it is reduced to the BlueSound Pulse Flex, which has optional battery packs)

If you can route speaker cables outside and have the amp options, you can obviously do pretty much anything.

If you want to use Naim multirooming and are not using Roon, your options are essentially Mu-So Qb and Mu-So (if you don’t want to set up a full system)

If you are happy with streaming from the phone with Airplay or Bluetooth (which should not drop out as long as the phone is reasonably close, I manage 10 meters distance before it does), there are other options such as the B&W Wedge, but the Mu-So is still my favorite for one-box. The BlueSound Pulse Flex (2 pieces) without battery packs are another option

Thank you again.

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I’d love to stick with Naim and be able to just move the multi room Mu-So Qb outside for Summer music, this would be the ideal solution… it’s just not stereo!

…no experience with outdoor speakers.

I do have experience with calling or dropping by my dealer to discuss ideas. They have always been helpful with suggestions since they usually have covered all scenarios. Might give you some ideas or leads on where to focus your research.

Good luck…

Get two !

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It is, just not in two boxes

Thank you.

Chromecast can solve this for you of you get two Qbs. You can create a speaker pair from any two Chromecast enabled devices and specify a left and right. Don’t know if Airplay offers something similar.

Otherwise I’d look at the Kef LS50W II. They offer many of the same connectivity options as Naim (Chromecast, Airplay etc.) and are well reviewed.

The regular, non W, ones are popular on this forum as well. I’ve only heard the previous generation, but those were great.

A stereo Bluetooth option is the Cambridge Audio Yoyo M.

Do you have a budget?

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The Musos do not produce anything that I perceive as a stereo image. Not that it particularly matters, I think they sound great for what they are, but the soundstage you get from a pair of speakers is a different thing altogether in my experience.

In our garden, we use two UE Booms paired to one iPhone using the BOOM app. You can pair them to play in stereo (you can even swap Left and Right channels virtually) and they sound extraordinarily good.

You’ll be glad to know that, being slightly sceptical, I checked they really were outputting separate L&R signals with a test disc, and that they were in phase. Turns out they were.

To coin a phrase, ‘Five stars: would recommend’.