Paris 2024

Not long to the start of the 2024 Olympic Games wondering if it still holds the magic it use to. I’ve always enjoyed the swimming for obvious reasons (we generally do quite well).

There is some coverage in the UK but I think it is still over the horizon for many. We were in France last week, and you definitely wouldn’t have known they were hosting. No sign of anything Olympic related.

Personally I usually get caught up in stories when it starts, and will watch a highlight package in an evening, less likely to watch any live. Hard to be objective of course but London 2012 felt like a high point, the two since (even though GB was even more successful in Rio) just haven’t made me as excited.

As for the swimming I think there are too many events; every stroke at every distance plus medleys and multiple relays. I quite like the mixed relays though.


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Here in the southern hemisphere don’t get the opportunity to have them on times that suit. However it had never stopped us from having a crack. I’m looking forward to long nights under a blanket watching.

If you do as badly as in 2012 you may well want to hide under the covers!

Great to see you back posting on the Forum.

Cheers Bruce

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Thanks but we always bounce back.

Not being interested in conventional sports I normally would only watch a handful of highlights, however it started to get more interesting as they introduced additional sports like canoeing, climbing and bmx.

Meanwhile I really don’t understand the inclusion of team sports, from football to lacrosse to sailing, nor equestrian sports where which depend on a horse as well as rider.

I don’t understand why golf and tennis are included, it’s all professional so I’m not sure what the relevance is.

What to say about breakdance as olympic sport in Paris ?

Breakdancing certainly won’t be on my viewing list but I guess they have to attract a younger audience. I’m looking forward to the surfing which will be held in Tahiti.

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That’s interesting, we were in France just over a week ago and there was stuff all over the place. We were last in Paris in February 2023 and even then the building was well underway in the Tuileries.

Not in Brittany anyway.


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It basically shows how far this farce of a competition has fallen. What next ? Musical chairs ?

Add in the drug linfested field and track events, I won’t be watching. Yes, I know, my loss and so forth…

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Ah, now that would be something to watch!

We use to play that in the park where I lived, the local Italian community often joined in as well. Great fun, trouble is it has a few names in French and Italian which I’m sure we all pronounce incorrectly.

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The 100 and 200 metre sprints (for Men).

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My favourite is definitely the swimming. Love a good relay.

My wife and I do a mixed gender sprint every now and then following unapproved hifi purchases.


I misread that, thinking that the acquisitions were unpaid for - hence sprinting out of the shop!


Maybe. It will join all the other Olympic events plagued by doping. This Petanque player got caught taking anabolic steroids recently…