Personal View On Speaker Cable Lenghts?


What’s your personal view on speaker cable lengths please.

Do I really need +3.5m?
Does each speaker run really need to be the same length?

I’m currently using a NAP 100.


There’s a current thread discussing this in all detail:

Yes, I would recommend that both runs are the same length. Even if you can’t hear a difference, it’ll probably nag at you.

My view would be use as much speaker cable as you need, for example, I very much doubt there is any difference in SQ between a 6m run when compared to a 7m run :relaxed:

But there is one between a 3.5 meter run and a 1 meter run, and not just in SQ

I think you are misinterpreting my original intention, otherwise I would have used the example you suggested :relaxed:

well we don’t know the OP’s required length and as he asked “do I really need 3.5+ m”, it seems likely that he’d prefer less. And if he needs 1 meter, then “use as much as you need” is not what he should do.

I agree with 6 or 7 not making a difference :slight_smile:

From reading the OP’s post, I was under the impression that he may have considered shorter to be better in terms of SQ :relaxed:

The first post is unfortunately short on details :slight_smile:

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I would say yes 3.5m+ and yes, they should be a similar length but if they aren’t precisely the same, no-one would ever hear a difference. But basically that’s a yes too.

And 3.5+ IF it’s NACA5, with non-Naim cables it depends on the cable

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Thanks All,

I think the opinions have put my mind and rest a bit.

I need one run @7.5m and the other would only need to be 1.5m.

I had two questions to myself, do I need to spend that amount of money on 2x 7.5m runs and then also do I need / want to coil up all that spare cable left over to the one speaker at 1.5m.

@Richard.Dane - yes your right 100% it will nag me if both lengths aren’t the same even if I can’t hear the change in SQ. It nags me even when I think about.

I’m going to go with both runs @7.5-8m long.



In a typical listening room for hi-fi the cable lengths being different wouldn’t make an audible difference. I’ve always just used the length I need regardless and it never made any difference to the sound with any cable. I can tell when it’s a different cable not longer or shorter lengths of it… Maybe it would matter if you were running 30 or 40 meters of it but around a lounge wouldn’t worry.

That’s the sensible thing to do. In addition to relieving any nagging doubts, should you change rooms or layout, you’ll still have some very useful speaker cables which will give you plenty of options. And should you want to change or upgrade the cable at all, then differing lengths will be less desirable and have a much lower resale value.

If it’s Van Damme hifi series 4mm , would a 3 metre pair be ok with a Nait xs2 ?
And what about Hitachi 102ssx original any idea if that is suitable ,I have a 4 metres bi wired set which could be easily split to a single wired pair.

I’ll put my head above the parapet and admit to running different lengths of NAC5 for many years though I adhered to the 3m minimum length guidance. Why did I do that? Quite simply cost. To the dealer’s credit they didn’t charge me for making up the cables.

I’m quite certain I don’t have the educated ear of many on this forum but for 10 years or so I was unaware of any defects in my system. I listened to lots of music and was frequently inspired to go and see bands live that I had discovered at home. I now (can afford) to have something like 5m surplus of a popular bendy cable coiled beneath the rack.

It depends on the cable. If the construction is similar to NACA5, then probably. If twisted, braided, etc., then probably not. It should be the manufacturers job to publish the electrical specs, if they don’t you can only guess, or use cables whose manufacturers know about Naim like Tellurium, WitchHat, Chord - or Naim :wink:

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I don’t know and cannot find any information on the Hitachi cable specifications,but I do know it’s not a litz type of cable.

It’s a linear crystal type but no spacing between the conductors ,so I’m guessing not ideal as to the inductance requirements.

Yes i found pics. Doesn’t see totally unsuitable. You can guesstimate a bit based on the distance between the wires and adjust length accordingly,

and if it sounds right and the amp does not get hot, it might be fine

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With older Naim boxes, longer length sound best, say 7-8 Mtr.
Quite the opposite with most other hifi, guess that’s why people are in doubt.

Recent Naim not so critically, but I’d never run below 3.5 mtr, not even with a Nap 100.
ALWAYS use equal lengths.

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