Phantom cable

Anybody find the Phantom speaker cable any better than the naca5 I use the naca5 myself and I do like the sound but find it difficult too bend it around racks etc.

Suggest you do a search, lots of posts on the topic. I personally use Phantom and prefer it over NACA5, both for sound and practical reasons.


The forum search facility has all the answers

I found Phantom allows more bass through than the AC5 and its not cursed with stiffness like some old lady.
Anyone compared the Gotham GAC-1 interconnect to the stock grey Naim DIN5 180 interconnect?

I slightly prefer it from a sound perspective, I much prefer it from a practical perspective. Personally I wouldn’t choose Phantom solely as a sound quality upgrade but if you want a more flexible cable that has the added bonus of a slight lift in sound quality without imparting it’s own character i.e. still sounds like Naim, it’s a compelling option.


If you look around I think you’ll find that generally Phantom users are finding the lift in sound quality over the AC5 is more than slight.

I changed to TQB from NACA5 some years back and preferred its more open character. After a pin sheared I moved to WH Phantom which, for me, is a ‘fit and forget’ cable. Seems to do everything right, it’s flexible and it’s nicely made.



I’ve been using Phantom for nearly a year now with no complaints. Agree earlier comments about it being a good match for Naim equipment.


Happy Phantom customer here after 3 years (I was also happy 2 minutes after installation). I bought it to take some of the mechanical stress off my older kit (it’s floppier than NACA) but ended up with a somewhat warmer/bassier sound, which suited my ears and was a surprise as I was a cable sceptic and not really expecting anything.

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Another happy Phantom user here.

Best regards, BF

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This was my experience as well, didn’t really think it would make that much difference… was surprised.
I had Chord Shawline initially, the Phantom definitely gave a warmer feel which I like.


Edit: Just wish they made it in white!

Which Hat Phantom certainly does make the situation rather more complicated; if you need to make a decision, the extra choice makes it a bit of a menace.

My speaker cable journey has been….

Chord Epic Twin (12 years) → Phantom (1 year) → Kudos KS-1 (9 months now)

I’m not planning any further changes.

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