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The slider works fine on my Atom HE. It’s only the Classic range as far as I am aware that requires buttons.

On my Statement, Roon sounded better running on the Statement as core than on the Nucleus+ - which itself sounded better to my ears than either the Naim Core or various NAS devices such as the QNAP fanless models with SSDs (even beter witheh SJ PSU).

However Sense on the Statement sounded even better. So I only use Sense now. Alhough the Nucleus is still installed, connected and kept up to date with every release, I never use it, except for certain guests.

Surely, the +/- volume buttons are available, on any Naim item that requires volume adjustment.
I did think that Sense sounded quite good, but in my system and room not as good as Roon Nucleus running Core and powered by Volt power supply. The Zenith just running in Roon bridge mode.
Streaming radio was very little if anything different from Sense. However Quboz and ripped cd library showed a noticeable difference, even in blind conditions. :blush:

Sense (at least currently) only provides a slider, irrespective of which streamer (ND555 or Atom HE) I select.

Thank you for your input. The +/- volume control is currently at testing stage now, as can be seen in Innuos feedback.

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I think your description of the effect the PN had in your 500 system, absolutely mirrors my experience;

I also reverted to the EE8 with the standard SMPS. If anyone is interested, more detail of my current streaming chain is available in the Neotech NEET-1008 and AQ Vodka thread.
Other than adding a EE1 in the final connection to the Streamer, I have finished messing around with switches. After running an impressive DesignaCable CATSnake for the past three years, I am now in the process of delving into the murky world of Audiophile Streaming cables. The Shunyata Sigma, Neotech NEET-1008 and AQ Diamond are top of my most wanted list.

It sure seems that with similar systems we are getting similar results. I’ve tried several good LPS’s on my EE8 but always find I come back to the standard SMPS for its speed and high frequency detail. I’ve messed with a couple of ethernet cables but like you am eager to see if there’s anything after Catsnake. Due to the relatively low cost I’d possibly take a punt on the Neotech but would want to trial anything above £500 for a few weeks at least.

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