Phoenix net

A friend is lending me an Phoenix net - current set up is as follows

Naim NDS / 555 into Innuos Zenith via melco ethernet cable
Zennith connected to Adot solution into EE8 switch via melco ethernet cable
EE8 switch into Cisco 2960 which then goes into sky router.

A bit of a complex back end but each step has added something but that’s for another thread…

Where would the Phoenix switch drop into this set up or is it perceived wisdom to use the Phoenix switch on its own. I may well tinker and experiment but any counsel on where to start would be appreciated.


The Phoenixnet should be in the last switch position….it will reclock and lower the noise floor. Others may differ.


Connect both the Zenith and NDS to the PhoenixNet, don’t daisy chain Phoenix- Zenith-NDS.

I imagine the EE would be redundant but it’s a funny old game so check whether the EE or Cisco is most worthwhile. I doubt you will need both but only your ears will know.


Thanks for counsel - plugged the PN to router and then NDS /Zenith to the PN as suggested.

Form the off it has made a significant improvement - very pleased.



Gary - it sounds like you have the connections to the PhoenixNET in the correct configuration as recommended by Inuos (and @Gazza / @Elfer ) and are already hearing the benefit of this unit.

If you wanted to incorporate the ADOT system into this, then I’d just use one of the ADOT converters (IIRC you have the two converter MC02 setup with single PSU ?), connect the Ethernet output to the PhoenixNET and get another suitable SFP module to fit into the 2960. You’ll either need a genuine Cisco module or one of the Startech units. The ADOT branded SFP module won’t work without delving into the Cisco configuration. This is how I originally had my 2960 setup with the ADOT converter.

It’s worth a bit of experimentation to find what works best for you, especially with the level of kit you have. I’ve tried a few different things, but always come back to a solution where the PhoenixNET is the final switch in the chain.

Enjoy :+1:


I need to borrow the Adot again to try between the ER and the new Melco N1 with its SFP port. A little surprised the new Naim streamers have left out SFP?

Gazza – I assume you have the ND555 and N1 connected to the PhoenixNET and the PhoenixNET connected to Port B on the ER ? If so then you have a pretty optimum setup already.

You could try connecting the N1 to one of the ports on the A side of the ER instead of directly to the PN. If you find that to be beneficial from a SQ perspective, then you could try borrowing a couple of ADOT SFP modules (only the modules not the converters) and a length of fibre from your friendly local dealer and use those instead of a copper connection from N1 to ER.

Otherwise, just enjoy the music :grinning:

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Will probably wait and borrow an ADOT when Melco bring out their “reclocker” for the new N1. I know Alan Ainslie has a prototype “reclocker”on test at home……so possibly something this year?

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Interesting - with the N1 and other products that are coming in the pipeline, it sounds like Melco will be giving the top end Innuos servers a run for their money.

Thanks James, that’s super helpful. I don’t fancy reconfiguring the Cisco so I’ll look for Cisco SFP. Just did a search and there lots of different ones - any advice on which one e.g. a model number?


The StarTech one shown will work without needing any reconfiguring. That’s what I used (and still use). About £28 via the StarTech shop on Amazon.

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If you want genuine Cisco look for GLC-SX-MM, like the switches they were expensive, but now discontinued and cheap on ebay.
Check with the seller that the switch is reset to factory defaults, then it should all be plug and play.

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Thanks James, Chris.
Much appreciated, I’ll report back on how the Adot sounds


Can you describe your impressions when integrating phoenixNet?
What kind of uplift was present?
I will test PN soon - but sadly no run in unit.
How is bass? How do the higher frequencies sound?

Sorry - found your post in ee8 - ps thread !thanks

You can also ask Glasnaim, Michaelb, Northpole, Elfer, James, Gazza….they all have the PhoenixNet.
SteveS and DarkBear prefer the Etheregen /ps , 2X Etheregen / DC3 for Steve, 1X Etheregen / ps/ Cisco 2960 for DBear.

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In my system / room adding the PN was not a subtle change and I would highly recommend . Mine was used so hard to tell how well run in etc. but it was clear from the first track I played it was a step up from the multiple solutions I had previously. There was definitely no need to listened and assess as it was an immediate wow!

Hope that helps

Having tried the melco s100 with a power supply and not liking what it did to the sound.
Then having an etherregen with power supply, which certainly lowered the noise, and so you got to here more. But it ran very hot, was a messy unit to have near the hifi for looks.
So i got rid off it after about a year, and tried the PhoenixNet, this for me certainly improved over the etherregen, far neater plus all in one box.
Hard to say what it does, but everything sounds better for going through it.


Thanks - lets ask @Michaelb, @northpole , @Elfer , @james_n. How is the beast?
Hopefully You have not already answered in the other thread :slight_smile: Gazza did, as I remember from yesterday.
As PN is very popular here I think it runs very well with naim.
And DC3 has added bass weight in my system - why should PN with DC3 inside should not?


Excuse the jumble of wires….
I tried the PN with the EE8 switch - if anything the could deteriorated and it sounds better without it
Then I tried the PN through the Cisco 2960 - not much in it but a tiny bit “better” but hard to pick it out in a blind test,……

The PN is a must keep in my system but I want to do one more experiment with the Adot, more curiosity than anything else as it dod improve things prior to the PN

I have the Adot connected to the 2960 via SFP and then PN ethernet connected to the ADOT instead of the 2960. This must be Thea wrong configuration as the Zenith can not be seen on the network….

The picture above is without the Adot on connected.

Any suggestions?

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So you have the Zenith and NDS connected to the PN and then you connect the in port of the PN to the ADOT (right top of the picture) ?

Did you get another Cisco (or Cisco compatible) SFP module or are you using the ADOT supplied one in the Cisco ?