Phono stages

Well I have decided that I am going to change my phono stage, right now I have the rega aura that was paired to a P10 and aphera3, the aura is a fantastic bit of kit, but I feel now that I have a different turntable it might be slightly holding my new turntable back.
So I have decided to try a tron severn phono stage, will be interesting to see how it goes and what it can bring to the party.
Having never seen, let alone heard one, anyone using one on here?

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@JonR has a Tron convergence phono

From what I remember, Tron makes tubes phono that can drive very low MC carts, like 0,2 MV.
This phono would be on my first list, if only sold in France.

Gone for the severn gt, should match my cartridge very well

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I do indeed. The Convergence is priced for affordability to be fair, but I’ve never felt short changed in any way whenever I’ve listened to mine. And then there’s the casework, which is simply superb.

Given my experiences with the Convergence, the Severn should be fantastic.

Good luck with yours when you get it, Dunc.


Will be fun comparing them both.
I was concerned of the lack of setting, especially when I have found them so useful with the aura, but been told not to worry, as being valves it’s different, we will see.
Build quality is top notch, sound quality, once again been told its one of the best you can get, again we will see, as I will certainly give my honest feedback on it and not hold back.
I like the fact its a British product that supports local firms in its production, also that it can be made to suit your requirements and going forward that good to know.
Looking forward to getting it, but also been told it takes a few days minimum to come on strong and not to judge it straight off.

You have it already ?

No not yet, will be a while yet

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Graham is a gentleman and a scholar to deal with too.

I had a Seven Ultimate for a short time. There was just too much gain with a 552/500. Very dynamic and sounded great but the volume pot could not be twisted up like I am accustomed to. Weird really. I specified to Graham all of my kit and the cartridges that would be used prior to the build. I also had a Convergence prior to the Seven and that stage sounded great without the volume issues I was having with the Seven. IME, Graham makes a terrific phono stage but in the end I could not live with it in my room. The sound is huge- I bet you really enjoy it…

Been in contact with Graham and agree, very helpful guy.
Doesn’t bother me at all if the gain is higher than my aura, as I run my rossini at 6 volts output and the difference between my 2 sources at the moment is large, if this closes up a bit it will be a bonus for me.
I will try the tron on both its settings and see which one works and sounds best, once I get it.


A bit different than a SL then…? :grinning:

I wasn’t using a superline, it was a rega aura. I have had a superline/supercap before the aura, but found the aura better when used on my then rega P10/APHETA3.
I sold my P10 earlier this year, then went on the journey for a phono stage that would match better to my sme20/v with dynavector drt xv-1t cartridge.
The tron severn gt, is it, straight away it sounded great, quite a bit different than the aura, it certainly sounds more real, much nicer on vocals and instruments, the only thing that has decrease is bass, the aura certainly had more, obviously it still there, but not so deep.
But very happy.

Maybe the superline would have been a better match for my new turntable over the aura? that I don’t know, but I didn’t want to have to get a supercap again and another fraim shelf, plus I know for certain it wouldn’t be like the tron

Having owned both the SL/SC and a Ton Seven Ultimate I think that you have made a great choice. Matching the TT is not so much the issue - its the cartridge/phono stage match that seems to be more critical. I used the Tron with a DV Xv1-s and it matched very well- I just had gain issues. The role of the phono pre should be respected imo as should the interconnect from the Phono pre to your 552. Don’t skimp on that cable- it makes a difference… Good luck on your journey :+1:

You should gain maybe 20% dynamics and bass after 50 hours run in. It what I had with my tubes phono at the beginning. A bit on the romantic side the first hours.

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Hi well it’s been a great start.
I know it’s phono, cartridge and cables and not the actual turntable that need to match, these seem so far a better match.
I have a transparent phono cable and morgana rca to din into 552.
Just the pesky rear leg on the fraim to deal with as the cables fall right on it.

Yes hopefully.
The aura was nice, but that will be sold now, loads of people run P10’s etc, so hopefully will go to a nice new home

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Now you have two wonderful but different sources. If you want to hear real human voices, true timbers of instruments, the why of the track….you select an lp.
Another day, you want more extended bass , …you have your Rossini.


This vinyl journey certainly is surprising.
The sound I am getting now is very different from my P8/apheta2 days.
It’s just so evolving, I can’t believe that this phono stage has taken such a leap over the aura, its like I am using a completely different source, it’s certainly taken my cartridge to a new level and the enjoyment.
Think I will be buying more vinyl and looking for good old pressing