Photoshop Elements for Mac

Being a Windows PC user, I have been using PSE for many years. Currently running PS Elements 12 with Windows 11. Yeah its old - but no problems… :slightly_smiling_face:

However… a friend has an iMac (late 2015) with a 3.3 GHzQuad-Core Intel Core i5, now updated to Monterey 12.7.3. I am trying to work out what version of PSE would suit it & work OK.

Adobe says - System Requirements for Older Versions

I have read some of the reports about problems with Sonoma -

But… based on what Abode says, it looks like the Monterey iMac would be fine with almost any recent version of PSE…?

Any thoughts, from Mac users who will know far more than me on this… :thinking:

I can recommend the very reasonable Affinity Photo or rest of the suite.

I use Photoshop elements on my Mac. Until about a month ago it was running problem free on Monterey, now upgraded to Sonoma and not had any problems. In fact no problems with any software except I run Weathercat and had problems downloading the Silabs USB drivers drivers, but even that is fine now.

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