Pi + DAC2 HD versus 272

Currently comparing a newly built Rasberry Pi + DAC 2 HD hat with my 272 (now I’ve actually enabled (link) the right outputs), into a valve amp. It’s a lot closer than you might think!


Looks good in that transparent case. What source do you use to feed the Pi? Can you stream? What do you use for the audio software? Interesting to see the fusion of valve amp here. I’m not sure I have the technical skill required, based on my experience of the first Rasp Pi, which had an incurable (to me) keyboard repeat!

hifiberry OS - simply download and flash to card, plug into pi, turn on. Streaming over ethernet using Roon, though Spotify also supported, as is airplay if you wirelessly enable it.




though this would also be cool:

Really simple to set up.

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Thank you. This is inspiring and very helpful.

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