Pink Floyd "Animals" 2018 Remix - out September & October

Has anyone tried the bluray stereo version? I’ve the 192/24 WAV version, which sounds delightful. But the bluray is 20% off for Black Friday and I just know that my blurry concerts can give the best audio in my system……

Yes I have it @Mike_S – sounds fantastic (although I marginally prefer the SACD).

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How would I play the BluRay on my main system? I guess I’d need to hook up a Blu-ray player somehow?
Can I simply connect a digital out from my spare Sony Blu-Ray player to my NDX2?
I have the Blu-ray Disc but have so far only played it on my home cinema system on my old Oppo player through an Anthem surround amp.

Yes, I use the digital coaxial out from my Cambridge Audio CX UHD Bluray player to my NDX2. The player also connects to the TV so I can access the Blu-ray menu to select the output format, which you would need to do for this disc.

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I’ve taken the plunge and just ordered the bluray version, should be here by the end of the week. Cheers!


It’s here, and sounding lovely :sunglasses:


Only thing is the Bluray is showing 192/24 and the NDX2 shows 48 kHz - I’m outputting via the coaxial. Streaming the 192/24 file from the Core shows 192 on the NDX2……

You may find that your Blu-ray player limits the s/pdif output to 48kHz.

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Hmm, I wonder if optical would be the same? John V always recommend using the coaxial output.

If the coax is limited then the optical will almost certainly be too. Which blu-ray player is it? Is there anything in the menus that allows you to change it?

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Hmm, I think I’ve been here before with discussing the use of SACD. It’s a Cambridge Audio CX UHD, the audio menu has s/pdif set at 192/24 and the screen info on the TV also shows that outputting. The NDX2 shows 48 kHz when using either the direct coaxial connection, or via the TV (which is HDMI from the bluray to the TV and optical from the TV to the NDX2).

Is the stereo track in 2 channel PCM?

I think so. The bluray audio setting is 192k LPCM for the s/pdif output. I’m selecting the uncompressed stereo mix 24/192 on the disc.

I think this is a bug with the UHD player. The NDX2 specs say the coaxial will take 24/192.

Yes, the NDX2 coaxial input should have no problem with 24/192.

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