Pizza Ovens

Just received our Ooni Karu, experimented last night with home made dough and some bought in bases, a bit of a learning curve but great fun. The Karu uses either Wood pieces (not pellets) or charcoal or both. You can also buy an optional gas burner attachment for about 50 quid so very flexible. Very impressed with build quality / design / packaging etc so looking forward to lots of use over the summer.


I used toi have the original ooni (with pellets) It was great. I have a different make now (Gozney?) that is gas fired and am less impressed. Takes forever to wa`rm up. Thinking of going back to Ooni

We’ve got that one on order, looking forward to messing about with it.
I have an Ooni stone for the oven with the Ooni peel so have some experience getting it in. “Only one shot” . No real disasters but I can imagine it being a nightmare if one took a bad landing in the Ooni.

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Great stuff, fresh pizza and Peroni ! Doesn’t get any better.

Can also heartily recommend the ooni Karu. As you say, making fresh pizza is a bit of a learning curve but well worth persevering, the results are fantastic once you’ve got the hang of it.

I see they are now selling Ooni in garden centres, Squires etc.

Good luck, Paul

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Another fan of Ooni, here. Well made, simple to use and their customer service is top notch. There aren’t many better pizzas than those I make at home.

Top tip: using their basic pizza dough recipe, make your dough at least 24 hours, preferably 72, in advance and cold prove in the fridge. Take it out of the fridge 4-6 hours before you make the pizza. And use


I have the large Ooni with the gas burner and it takes 20 mins to get to operating temperature and about 90s to cook each one - they are great.
Endorse the recommendation for ‘maturing’ the dough in the fridge for several days. Going to buy Ooni’s toms next following a previous recommendation on here

I’m really envious - I love pizza as do the rest of the family, but all dough/bread is bad for me from a health viewpoint, my body just can’t handle the carb fest.

Their frozen dough is really good as well

Original Ooni here for a few years.



I think the pizza police will come banging on your door shortly.
(Although you seem like a chap that doesn’t adhere to the norms)


I have an original Ooni. I started with the pellet burner and a bit later bought the gas burner, mainly for convenience.

Strangely enough we first saw Ooni at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019.

When we got home toAustralia I was very pleased to find a local distributor and so I went head first down the rabbit hole……

Friends have the Ooni with pellets. We’ve had a few great evenings having freshly made pizza. I think they do the making in advance and proving in the fridge.

You can also use it for other stuff. Wood-fired vegetables add some variety to the pizza, And they cook in a few minutes.

Garlic Naan works a treat, too

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Just bought a Koda(?) 16” in the recent 20% off promotion. A friend got one a year ago and is going to give me lessons :blush: It’s still in the box in the garage as we are away on hols at the moment…

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Dave, interesting, thanks for posting. I haven’t tried coldvproving the dough yet, but will give it a try. What benefits does it bring ?

Cheers, Paul

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It improves flavour and texture and makes it look like you’ve put in more effort :smile:

If I have done it right, here is a link to an earlier thread Unni Pizza Oven

It is worth a look at the old Ouni thread:

Ours has done us well since we got it (mentioned in that thread). We also bought the gas heating option, and have used that several times indoors in the winter.

It makes for a fantastic social event, with DIY pizzas: We premake the dough and tomato base, supply a range of topping options (e.g. buffalo mozzarella, ‘plastic’ mozzarella, home-made ricotta, haloumi, other cheeses, fresh basil, spinnach, tomatoes, chicken tikka fragments, chorizo, ham etc., and people take a dough ball and do the rest themselves - and people share the product.


Grrrr, U know how just occasionally we buy things HiFi and just smuggle it in the house ( well I do still) So when the Ooni sale came up I made the mistake of mentioning before ordering it to SWMBO thinking it would be welcomed, hah got that wrong. Then it haunts me on the forum as well unseasonal but Bah Humbug comes to mind. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ferrari G3 Delizia Pizza Oven.

Burn the witch! … … … I hear the unanimous cry.

Yes, … … … it’s electric … … … no, … … … it’s not wood fired … … … and yet … … … … … for years, I’ve been turning out the nearest thing to authentic Neapolitan pizzas (non wood fired).

Does exactly wot it sez on the tin, and after a bit of finessing of my technique, makes great pizza.

Perfect for those cold, wet, winter days, when standing in the garden making pizza is just the last thing I want to be doing, and if I want to be thoroughly OCD about things, well, I can always pop the pizza stone into my Kamado.

I know … … … shoot me now. :pray: