Planet Rock - The 50 Greatest Rock Albums of All Time

Over the past month Planet Rock asked it’s listeners to vote for what they rate as the best Rock album of all time.

Yesterday Planet Rock played a track from each album as they did their count down from the top 50 winning entries.


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Popcorn article if ever there was one.

Glazed over with PF DSOTM being first and Whos Next only making #33.

Ofcourse, my opinion only, a subjective view,so you can all calm down


My own opinion not a lot different from yours, for me DSotM isn’t even PF’s #1 album…:man_shrugging:t2:


Excellent! Def Leopard and Meatloaf ahead of Ziggy Stardust - :rofl:


Def Lep, Rainbow and Iron Maiden ahead of Led Zep 2.

They are having a Giraffe. Good to see Thunder in there with their debut album.

I listen to Planet Rock when I am out driving quite often. It has a difficult job appealing to a wide audience of different ages and tastes. I find about a third of it brilliant, a third OK, and a third terrible.

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Same old same old (with the emphasis on “old”). Antiquarians might enjoy this, but, really, meh.


I stopped listening a few years ago, when Bauer Media decided to mess badly with the stations format and structure.
The playlist fell in a hole and the adverts and get rich quick games took over from the music.
They always prided themselves on playing songs and not battering the listeners with mindless chat. Shame Bauer Media felt that that was an unsupportable format…:man_shrugging:t2:

Agreed 100% about Bauer Media, totally messed with the format and a lot more talking and adverts, but i stil enjoy the ststion especially Sunday night when the ‘long play’ is on for four hours with Mark Jeeves.

As usal when the listeners vote the results are always a big surprise, you can hear the disbelief in the presenters voice at some of final results.


Quite surprised to find I own 13 on the list (made up of LZ, PF, Who, Ziggy and one Purple).

I’ll not be investigating the majority tbh. Not really my cuppa.

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I regard myself as a bit of a rock fan, but I only have 11 of them. I don’t have one AC/DC album, I find them completely soulless, and as for what passes for singing…

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Thanks to @YetiZone and @Collywobbles - that saves me time I might have spent looking down the list.

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I scanned out of curiosity (at least it is printed not a video!), and have 22 of them, but as always with these things the list is meaningless - in my view some is rubbish, while a lot of far better stuff omitted.

I own 24 of them but most would not make my personal top 50.

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Hello all, I find it very difficult to understand how the Eagles are classified as Rock. Glad to see Rainbow in the top ten though.

Rock is pretty much an all encompassing term, does Rumours qualify?

Anyway it’s bollocks, just another list.


Not surprised to find I have 33 of these albums and all the Top 10 - I am probably the definition of Planet Rock’s audience profile, although I very rarely ever listen to the radio.

38 here for me. Very surprised, a lit of AC/DC/Zep/PF etc to bulk it out though.

Radio audience is usually a bit different to people who buy and play their own music though. If an album has one big hit and the rest os garbage it would still make the list as the album can sometimes be voted based on a single song.

About 35 for me, I’m glad I’m not the only ageing rocker on here.

An AC/DC concert at Wembley Arena back in the 1980s ranks as one of my favourites for entertaining fun. Still, five albums out of 50 is a bit much?

I think the list was a free vote from listeners. Someone posted that it’s all old stuff, but it is consistent with what Planet Rock plays. This includes American Country Rock, such as Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers etc.

I only listen to Planet Rock in short bursts. Too many ads and lotteries limit my attention spell and I reach for the mute or off button.

25 for me.

43 for me but what a load of old tosh these lists are.