Platter mats

Whats everyone using any benefit from changing from stock. Im using the stock felt mat that came with my rp8

Mats selection can be a thorny journey to tackle… :sweat:
Not the easiest “device” to test, so to say.
When the Sondek was my main source I did some tests and some differences or peculiarities could be found.
Original felt
Sicomin Record Interface - kevlar
Yves Cochet Celesta - sort of silicon
For me the Sicomin was a bit superior to the original felt and since then It stayed on the platter.
Take your time and a lot of patience to try by yourself.
Recently I bought a Collaro as a present for a friend of mine, and he said it’s really good.
Good luck! :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:

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I put a Vertere Technomat on my player, mainly so I could swap records while the platter is spinning.

I’m very happy with it. I never get any static from a record and it sits nicely on the platter.

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I guess I found the only other person on the board who knows Sicomin :slight_smile:

:+1: excellent products back then and the mat is really good

I managed to collect 13 equipment bases, most in Naim sizes, it was a long search :slight_smile:


What turntable are you using under
the Technomat?

Im using an rp8

Vertere MG-1. It’s fabulous.

The mat is available for two spindle sizes, a standard 7mm and the smaller 4.5mm used on all of them Vertere players except the DG-1. (The 4.5mm has a removable 7mm spindle cap so that a record can be placed on the platter and then the cap removed, ostensibly to further decouple the record from the spindle/bearing/motor.)


Another positive for the Collaro. I also tried clocking my LP12 before using the new mat, but have noticed a slight increase in enjoyment factor since using the Collaro.

I experimented with a Funk Firm Achromat on my Rega RP6, and initially preferred the effect, slightly cleaner higher frequencies and tightening up of the bass a touch, but after a few weeks felt there was something missing and I was listening to Hi-Fi rather then music. Went back to the original felt mat and much preferred the overall sound - I sold on the Achromat within a few days. I’d stick with the original mat, or perhaps switch out the colour if you are bored as some have done. Rega know what they are doing!

We have a red mat on our P8 and it gives a nice splash of colour to an otherwise monochrome design. The blue also looks really nice. Rega put in a lot of work with design and materials and you’d imagine that if they could find something better than the felt then they would have supplied it. The Reference EBLT would make a nice little improvement for not much money.

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What a neat idea!

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I preferred the leather mat with my ex Rp10, vs the stock. The cart was Lyra Delos.
With the P10 and Lyra Kleos, the stock mat works better. The idea of Red Rega mat is pointing on my mind. The white becomes quickly dirty too.

I tried a Herbie’s mat on my RP10. It added a big thump of bass but pulled the music apart making things sound disconnected - not liked, at all.

after trying some Rega OEM alternatives over time such as denser wool, rubber, leather, Origin live (whatever it’s made of) … this is what seems to be working best for me both in terms of sound balance and against static build up. Not that I exactly know the theory behind the peculiar additional top mini mat but it’s supposed to be anti-static (well, helps) and changes slightly the sitting area and contact surface - as you can hopefully see it’s very thin (consists of 3 separate layers) sitting on top of the cork.

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I have only just changed my stock Rega P8 mat for a Collaro audio.

Not noted a huge initial difference (not expected in any case),in my particular set up but certainly some minor uplift on initial listening. It’s all somewhat incremental at this level of course…

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Bit the bullet and a collaro is en route


…the coloured mats are not made for use on the P10…the P10 uses the thinner white mats.

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Ah, that’s sad. How can I clean it?