Playing Cds and vinyl through a Atom HE?

I want to play my CDs and turntable through a headphone amplifier.
Powers amp-Nap 250-DR. Preamp-Nac-282. Would the Naim Atom HD sit comfortably in this setup? Or is it a long, convoluted way to set up a headphone system? I’m not sure how it would be wired, and I don’t want my system to sound different when listening through my speakers—the headphone amp needs a remote control for the volume. I realise the Atom is a streaming device, and it might be overkill, but on the other hand, I might grow into streaming. Is there a better solution? The stand-alone headphone amps that I have seen do not come with controllers.
How does loud heavy bass music from vinyl sound through headphones?


It’s not ideal as the atom he is itself a preamp and could potentially run with a nap250 by itself.
Personally I’d look at eg a headline or other headphone amp, and a separate streamer (the bluesound node is a good starting point but there are new models from Cambridge audio and NAD).


Thanks Robert.

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