Playing sound from laptop to Qb via USB port

I am trying to connect my laptop to my Qb to improve on the laptop sound. I have bought a 3.5mm aux jack to USB connection lead, and plugged them in to the laptop and Qb respectively. However, the USB shows ‘no results’ on the app. Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong? Also, when I try to chromecast from YouTube on the laptop to the Qb, the Qb is not always found. Many thanks, Mike

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the USB on the Mu-So is only for USB mass storage devices, i.e. USB thumb drives and disks (as is the case for other Naim streamers, too), not USB audio:

You can find alternatives in this thread, for example:

Memory sticks and disk drives only for the usb.
I use a meridian explorer dac between my pc and qb, that works well. Standard usb cable to the meridian, then 3.5mm stereo lead to the rear socket on the qb. There are plenty of other similar dacs you could try eg audioquest dragonfly range.

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The USB input is no use to you here. Is the 3.5mm jack on your laptop an analogue headphone socket or a digital output (or both?)
Either of these could be used to connect to the QB2. If optical digital is available that would probably sound best.
Other ways to get good sound quality might include a network connection using a UPnP server, Chromecast or AirPlay. It depends what source of music you have on the laptop.

+1 for optical digital if the headphone socket has a mini toslink buried in it…

I’ve now got a 3.5mm jack to jack which works OK! I don’t think I need a DAC. Thanks for all the comments.

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