PMC 25 26i vs Kudos Titan 707

Anyone has had a chance to compare the two brands/models and what are your thoughts? I listen to ecclectic music styles (leaning a bit towards rock). Room is open plan 5.5m wide and 8m long. Speakers firing down the 8m length.

I have to say that I have the chance to get a pair of brand new 707 for the same price as 25 26i.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks of one vs other you have to hear them both for yourself as speakers are so personal a choice, fundamentally affecting the sound character of your system more than any other component.

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I went from the original PMC 20.26 to the 707’s and thought they were a big jump up in my room. That was also with a 300DR although I’ve since upgraded to the 500DR. I’d say the 707’s do “scale” much better than the 26’s which may suit your room which is larger than mine. It does also seem like you’ve bagged a bargain.

However I would reiterate what @Innocent_Bystander says, speakers are the one item in the chain that seem to divide opinion and are the most personal of choice so bigger, better, more expensive etc may not be to your taste. If you can demo them I would.

I went from pmc 25.26 to naim ovator 600………i had heard the 606/707/808 and other brands, but was not tempted. Really need a shop and home demo of anything you fancy.


i demoed 26s against kudos - i found the pmcs much clearer/cleaner - in comparison the kudos seemed muddled - overpowering. this could have been an interaction with the dealer’s rather small demo room which may have been overloaded by the kudos. i mainly listen to classical so would have preferred the cleaner sound of the pmcs which seemed to show the clean sound of 222/350s best. YMMV

As the price of Kudos 707’s is something over £15k, I think they deserve a proper comparison.
Ideally at home.

Big Mistake Possible.


I prefer the 606 to the 707. :thinking:


I fully agree with you there. I’ve had the speakers for a couple of days and somehow I am not very keen on them so far. I got better depth and separation from my old Focal 716s. Considering that Focals were £700 and 707s are £17k I am very surprised. I was expecting to be blown away from the start but that has not happened.

I think I will be trying the ATC Scm40, PMC 25 26i and see whether I get any better results. If not then I’ll test some Focals again

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In my (fairly limited) experience the 707s really come alive active - hugely better.

Listen in your own room is the key advice for speakers though. I didn’t choose the 808s until after I had had them for a good few weeks, but that was with a brand new pair - and when I got a 500 rather than 300 the improvement was huge

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I had the 707’s for a two week demo. I really wasn’t keen on them at first but by the end of the two weeks I’d completely changed my mind. Prior to that I’d tried the PMC Fact 12’s which I’d expected to love given I was upgrading from their 20.26’s but I just couldn’t get them to work in my room. I suspect that the 300DR didn’t drive them very well.

I don’t know how long you’ve had the 707’s on demo but I would give them a few days at least and play with their position. Make sure they are at least 2m apart as I found this made a big difference, no toe in and move them backwards and forwards as a few inches either way can make a big difference to bass and their overall presentation. If you still don’t like them give up and move on.

As do most, if not all, speakers, I believe! Just a little consideration of amplification cost…

Sadly I did not get on with the 707s so it’s back to the drawing board for me. I am testing a pair of ATC SCM40, Spendor D7.2 and PMC 25 26i. Hopefully I will like one of them at least.

I am also keen on the Kudos Super20A but was told that they are a bit bright ont he top end? The same apparently goes for the B&W speakers i believe.

Not sure if there are any other brands I need to consider.

Have you thought of one Proac’s K series?

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A good friend didn’t settle with his Kudos 707 either.
His dealer let him try a pair of Kudos 505 stand mounts instead and they stayed. I was never sure about the 707 but the 505 are quite special.

Speakers can be the hardest component to get right, so very best wishes for success in your search.

Best regards, BF

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Looked at the D48r but apparently there are reports of boooming bass so I decided to stay away

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Was thinking of K6 or K6 signature. Boominess tends to be a room/speaker interaction rather than just the speaker on the whole.
It’s just that the Proac ribbons I’ve heard offer great transparency and no harshness


They didn’t quite do it for me either. I demoed them against what were the newly released 606s at the time and, despite my pre-dem expectations, much preferred the 606s. The best bits of the S20s I had before but soooo much more.


I think to believe, from reading here, that nobody bought the 707. Most 606, then 808, and 505.

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Some also prefer the 606 - 606 is the floorstanding 505. I live my 606… with a bit more power it flies!
Edit: some who prefer had already answered :blush:

And the 606 look sooooo good :+1:


Do you remember in what kind they were different (606 and 707)?