PMC Fact 12 Sig

What amp does OP have?

Hi Dan, I don’t have anything ATM.

It’s starting from scratch time. I have a ZENmini mk3 and LPSU and a Chord Mojo2 for HP purposes and that’s it.

I’ve come into a large sum of money and I want to get back to a similar system that I had form a few years ago before I had to sell that lot.

The ATC Active suggestion does make sense, as it drops the power amp. and cables out of the equation.

Just a preamp and DAC to worry about 1. Funding and 2. Matching to the speakers / synergy etc

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If active ATCs, best get an amp with balanced outputs - the active speakers have balanced inputs, and you are not then limited with cable length. If you don’t have any analogue sources, then better still a DAC with a volume controlled, buffered output suitable for driving ac power amp direct (some people refer to it as a DAC with built-in preamp, but that is a misnomer). I use my Chord dave that way, and did the same with a Chord Hugo previously. Dave has balanced outputs, as does Chord TT. I’ve no idea what other DACs there might be with suitable capability.

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100% definitely try a dac with built in volume control as what’s been said above.
As these day’s with just one source you can do away without a pre amp.
The balanced outs are also a very good point.

Yes, he has – which I’ve heard, and his travels (or should that be travails at times?) in room treatment land, are well chronicled on here. Backed by a 500DR they can be very detailed with a wonderful upper/mid-range and, it’s my understanding, they like to have space around them albeit that can, of course, be a facet of room challenges.


I ended up getting a new pair of ATC SCM 100ASLT in rosewood finish.

Delivery is late next week.

I’ll most likely go with a Chord DAVE direct into them.

I’ll demo that, T+A DAC 200 and that’s about my list.

I don’t have demo access to much more at around that price or performance level unfortunately.

I can demo. an Accuphase cd player with digital inputs, not sure that’s a good match with ATC though.

Would need a preamp & Pass XP12 is within budget / demo. ready as well and that’s it.


The SCM100 active is certainly a speaker I’d be interested to hear if I was in the market for new speakers with an adequate budget, with the strong advantage of being active.

Unless you have other source or sources that are analog, you do not need a preamp with Dave: it is extremely capable feeding power direct, and even has balanced outputs making it perfect with active speakers. A preamp only adds ekectronics, inevitably modifying the signal, however slightly (of course sometimes people like the effect). You could spend the saving on a Chord MScaler – but audition first as reports about its benefit with Dave have been mixed, very possibly depending on what is feeding Dave, and what else is connected to that. Otherwise it is money to buy music, or something alse…

I see pmc are now doing the signature upgrade for the older fact 12’s and 8’s.
I asked about this year’s ago when i had my 12’s only to be told it will never happen, and the only way is to sell, and buy new one’s. Well not any more only problem is the price they want for just the crossovers, almost £4k, they must be having a laugh.

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If they had done the Laminair and the crossover upgrade, fair enough. Then the finishes originally offered were not to my taste. I would have bought them……too expensive for me, now.

See how a DAC and your streamer works direct into your speakers for starters. Will be interesting to see how you get on!

@Dunc did you think the Signature version was a significant upgrade compared to the original Fact 12?

I did but it was years ago when they first came out so cannot remember exactly.
But i seem to remember the top end sounding different. Not as bright more relaxed giving them a slower sense.
But not a big difference and certainly wasn’t worth the price to change back then.
With the upgrade now available but at nearly £4000 i would still question if it’s worth it but that’s not for me to decide.

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Cheers @Dunc , thanks. I’m running original Fact 12’s with a 300DR so I suspect that £4k might be better spent being put towards a pre loved 500DR


Definitely the fact’s are hard to drive and the more grunt the amp has will only bring good benefits

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