Pmc fact 8

Anybody hear the new pmc fact 8 signature…what are they like.

There’s a whole thread about them here: Signals PMC day

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On reflection i think both the Fact 8 and 12 could have done with Naim amps, at least a nap250dr. The PMC Cor is a good amp, but i think they deserve and need better.

They ran the 12s with a Cor did they? I know it is more powerful than a 500 but still a bit of a mullet. Such a shame the wood finish is now gone. Though the wood finish on the Fact range was, IMO, inferior to the lower end Twenty/5 ranges.

Yes when i walked up to them the first question from my dealer as “what do you think of the finish”. Well its not awful, but at this price point it will put people off imo.
PMC will have stand alone preamp and power amp in due course and that may do the Fact range justice.

Yes I agree not the best of finish, I wonder are the new 8s better than the Twenty5 26?

The Cor is 95 w into 8 ohms vs the nap500 is 140 w. But i guess the nap 500 power reserves and design philosophy make the difference. Next time i visit my dealer i will redemo with a 500 amp, the Dynaudio contour 20,s sounded great on the end of a 552/500.

Difficult to say, i have 25.26 , but they used a completely different set up.

Naim amps have more current which is better for driving speakers especially fact 12.

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